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Balkans |  Tsipras values ​​dialogue with Türkiye

The head of the opposition Syriza and former Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras exchanged his views on the election process and relations with Turkey.

Syriza President and former Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras blamed the government for relations with Ankara. Tsipras stated that Mitsotakis could not take advantage of the window of opportunity, and told Miric that a wall alone would not be enough to prevent emigration.

Greece will head to the polls for general elections on May 21.

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis promised to close the entire land border with Turkey with a wall, as promised by his election campaign.

CIPRAS Statement on Türkiye

Tsipras said that they would not try to form a government if they finished second in the elections, and stated that Greece’s land border with Turkey along the Meriç River in the northeast should be fenced.

I asked for a dialogue with Ankara

Speaking to Kathimerini newspaper, Tsipras said, “There has been a decline in our relations with Turkey recently. Do you think this will continue? Should Greece see this as a window of opportunity to gain an advantage by establishing a strong dialogue with Turkey?” He answered the question:

“Miyaotakis has neither desire nor purpose.”

Both countries have a window of opportunity that must be seized so that they can focus on the challenges facing our peoples.

This opportunity can only be used if there is a will to provide a structured dialogue with a specific goal. Unfortunately, Mitsotakis has neither the will nor the purpose.

From our point of view, our will to engage in dialogue is clear. Our red lines are our territorial integrity and our right to defend it.”

I evaluated the smoothing period with Türkiye

The recent defense agreements signed by Greece were also on the agenda. Tsipras was asked if his view of the military agreements reached would change if the facilitation with Turkey continued:

After the Turkish elections, the first question will be whether Turkey will turn towards the West. If that happens, a positive agenda will be developed between the US and Turkey and the EU and Turkey.

We must make sure that the positive agenda on the Greek-Turkish (disputes) and the Cyprus issue will include conditions that will maintain our position on terms.

Wire knitting is needed, but not the solution.

When asked if the Athenian administration would need to expand the border wall near Maritsa, the Greek politician shared the following opinion:

Wired networks can help at some points in Meriç, but there is clearly no solution to the migration problem. In fact, it poses a problem in controlling the land between the fence and the Turkish border. Of course, we will protect our borders, but we will not be satisfied with this.

We will demand the protection of our borders on the basis of international and European law.”

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