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Balkans |  Turkey graduate Buş brings together art lovers from Kosovo and Turkish theatre

After completing his university education in Antalya with the Presidential Scholarships in Turkey Program for Turks Abroad and Related Communities (YTB) in Turkey, Sonay Buş, who founded a private theater with his friends in Kosovo, brings together art lovers with Turkish theater in his country.

After graduating from the Department of Radio, Television and Film at Akdeniz University in 2012-2016, Bash told Anadolu Agency (AA) about his years in Turkey, the experiences he gained, and his work in theater after returning to Kosovo.

Describing his years in Turkey as a Turkish scholarship recipient as a “very good experience”, Bash stated that he missed Turkish food more than his school days.

Referring to the facilities offered by Akdeniz University and the quality of education it receives, Bash said, “The on-campus facilities, etc., are something I am very happy about and recommend to everyone because as a Turkish scholarship holder, you can actually go to the university and get your education very comfortably.” in Turkey “. He said.

Buş said that he accumulated unforgettable memories during his years in Antalya, and continued as follows:

“Thanks to my uncle who brought me to the campus. He was with me all the time until I entered the dormitory. They asked a lot of questions at the door. It was a process until I proved that I had a scholarship. I don’t remember his name, but he was always with me. He took me to the door of the dormitory to Inside. He was carrying all my belongings. I think if he had not supported me that day, if he had not been with me, I would have feared a little because it was too late. Thanks to the helpful people, my first night in Antalya was very easy and I will never forget it.”

“I’ve been in the theater since I was born.”

After completing his education in Turkey, Paş said that when he returned to Kosovo, he worked in cafés because he could not find a job.

Emphasizing that they established the Turkish Theater in Kosovo in order to continue acting professionally, Paş said, “Theatre is something that comes from childhood for me. My grandfather was one of those who made the Turkish Theater for the first time in Kosovo in 1951. I have been in theater since I was born.” He said.

In providing information about current theatrical works, he said:

“Our business is going very well. We organize at least 12-14 events and projects a year. All of these projects are going well. Our biggest goal in the future is to have a stage here. Once we have a stage, we will act more at ease.” And freedom, and we are thinking of making the theater more accessible and accessible to all. The Turkish theater in Kosovo has been present especially in Prizren since the 1930s. The performance began in the gardens of the houses. In 1951, the theater became official after the Turkish language became the official language in Yugoslavia. At the time Current, in 2023, we will continue to keep the Turkish theater alive in Kosovo and Prizren, to carry the torch in our hands and pass it on to future generations.

Pointing out that they organize theater workshops for children and youth every year, he said that their goal is to bring young people closer to theater and prepare them for life in some way.

Stating that they have good relations with theaters in Turkey, and that they have participated in festivals held in cities such as Denizli, Konya and Antalya in 2022, Bash said, “Because I and my co-founders are graduates of Turkey, and they are part of our hearts still in Turkey. That is why we do not want to cut off our communication with Turkey. He said.

Bash added that he continued his graduate studies at Anadolu University, Department of Visual Communication Design.

A large number of Turkish graduates who have made a name in their field live in Kosovo and the graduates act as a bridge in the further development of good relations between Turkey and Kosovo.

Thanks to the program, which was described as “Turkish Scholarships” in 2012 and implemented under the coordination of YTB, thousands of students from different countries have the opportunity to get scholarships in Turkey every year.

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