Balkans | Turkey’s Ambassador to Sofia, Aylin Itcuk, delivered a mobile health vehicle to Karcali Municipality.

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Balkans |  Turkey’s Ambassador to Sofia, Aylin Itcuk, delivered a mobile health vehicle to Karcali Municipality.

During her visit to Karjali, Turkey’s Ambassador to Sofia, Aylin Itcuk, who handed over a mobile medical center equipped with modern medical equipment provided by TIKA to Karjali Municipality, said, “Until now, Bulgaria was our neighboring country. From now on you are our blood brothers.”

Turkey’s ambassador came to Karjali on March 8, International Women’s Day, to express his sincere thanks to everyone who participated in the campaign to collect aid for those affected by the devastating earthquakes in Turkey. For this reason, the first stop of the visiting program is Eightkök, the municipal fundraising center in Karjali, where the mayor, Dr. M. Mayors of Karjali received Hasan Aziz, Deputy Mayor Tuncay Sukru, and Secretary General of the Municipality Sebhtin Reza.

All the officials and workers who had been separating and packing the aid materials that all seven municipalities in Karjali District had brought to the aid collection center for more than a month, were also here. The Turkish diplomat was also welcomed by representatives of the shipping companies who, as it turned out, refused other commitments during this period in order to deliver aid materials collected in the region to Turkey.

In a statement to the press, the ambassador said, “About a month ago, a catastrophe happened to us, which we described as the catastrophe of the century. 11 provinces were destroyed in Turkey, more than 90,000 buildings were destroyed, and hundreds of thousands of people remained under these rubble. Our pain is great. Turkey faced a great test. It must be reconstructed.” “Building buildings. Shelter must be provided to the millions of people who have become homeless. Turkey is a country of great opportunities, but it is not in a position to withstand this great test on its own. We needed help and Bulgaria was one of the first countries to respond to our call.” On behalf of the Turkish people, Iserkok thanked the President, the Government of Bulgaria and the people of Bulgaria.

The ambassador reported that a large train loaded with 70 containers, fully equipped for normal accommodation, was heading towards Turkey yesterday. The diplomat said, “Millions of Bulgarian citizens, including Karjali, have mobilized to respond to our call to help and help us. Thank you all!” he said. Eightkök stated that nearly 200 tons of financial aid has reached Turkey so far, and more than $2 million has been deposited in bank accounts opened by the Turkish embassy. The ambassador said: “Until now, Bulgaria was our neighboring country. From now on, you are our blood brothers.”

Mayor m. Aziz stated that so far, 12 trucks full of relief materials collected by seven municipalities in Karjali district, including more than 400 villages in Karjali district, have been sent to Turkey. Meanwhile, the amount collected and transferred by the municipalities in Karjali Province for the purpose of helping earthquake victims in Turkey is more than 750 thousand levs, including 230 thousand levs collected by the Mufti. doctor. M. Aziz thanked the Turkish ambassador for the donation he made to the Karjali municipality to establish a mobile health center that will enable them to conduct check-ups for people in remote areas of the region. Some of the medical equipments of the mobile health center are x-ray with flatbed detector, ultrasound machine, EKG machine, spirometer, heart rate monitor, glucose monitor, blood pressure monitor, non-contact thermometers, blood sample holder bag Refrigerant, refrigerator, laser printer, etc.

Out of gratitude for this humane and noble behavior towards the people of Karjali district, Mayor Dr. M. Azis honored the Turkish ambassador with the golden emblem of Karjali municipality. The award was presented when Etcock handed over the keys to the new mobile health vehicle to the Mayor of the village of Most (Koprulu), the next stop on his visit. The first examinations, which started today in the area where the villages of Most, Mladenovo (Didler) and Konevo (Atalan) are located, will be carried out by paramedics from Turkey and doctors from Karjali Hospital.

The Turkish ambassador spoke with those who attended the health examination in Most and met the women of the village at the House of Popular Culture on the occasion of International Women’s Day, March 8.

source: Kircaalinews

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