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Balkans |  Turkish Education Day was celebrated on December 21 with great enthusiasm in the capital, Skopje 

President of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey Mustafa Şentop attended the main program and concert held in Skopje, the capital of North Macedonia, on the occasion of Turkish Education Day on December 21.

Sentop and his accompanying delegation, Prime Minister of North Macedonia Dimitar Kovacevski, North Macedonian ministers and deputies, and Turkey’s Ambassador to Skopje Hasan Mehmet Itcuk attended the program organized by the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA) and the Macedonian-Turkish Union of Civil Society Organizations (MATUSITEB). , Chairman of TIKA Serkan Kayalar, Chairman of the Board of Directors of MATUSITEB Tahsin Ibrahim, representatives of Turkish institutions and organizations in the country and nearly 10 thousand people attended.

Şentop stated in his speech here that he conveyed his warmest greetings, conversations and congratulations to President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who is the free and strong voice of the oppressed, rejoicing with the joy of his brothers and relatives around the world, worrying about their problems.

Şentop thanked MATÜSİTEB, TİKA and those who contributed to the successful celebration of Turkish Education Day on December 21st since 2007, and said:

I would like to thank the Prime Minister of North Macedonia, my dear friend Dimitar Kovačevski, for his participation in this important day for the Turkish community. He has always made great effort for a multicultural and multilingual society to live in peace and stability. Since 2007, we have been trying to participate in these programs organized by MATUSITEB, which represents the Republic of Turkey. Your joy is our joy, your enthusiasm is our enthusiasm.

Owentop said that he did not come here alone, but had friends from different political parties with him: “When there is a friendly and brotherly country like North Macedonia, when our compatriots who live here have Turkish brothers, all political parties in Turkey put apart their differences.” In opinion, unite and come here. They meet and greet you to convey the greetings and conversations of 85 million people.” He said.

Expressing that they celebrate the Turkish Education Day with holiday fervor along with their brethren residing in North Macedonia, Şentop continued as follows:

We know that a person without a language will not have a nation. Turkish is not just a language for us. It is an expression of looking, feeling and thinking in Turkish, doing, living in Turkish and Turkish attitude. So our being a nation denominated our beautiful language Turkish. We dream the same dreams with our Turkish. Our Turkish speaks of the importance of living in peace and unity in abundance. Our language of appreciation is Turkish, which brings us together with the same joy. Our mother tongue is Turkish, which teaches us sympathy and love, and makes us live and turn our hearts in the same direction.”

Sentop said that protecting the language means protecting the homeland, civilization, morals and faith.

Our civilization is a civilization of ethics, justice, love and sacrifice. He advises us to work with zeal, not for ourselves, not for our personal interests, but for the sake of our nation. Our civilization is based on the pillars of faith and morals. It builds and rebuilds people and space, material and spiritual. our language; It is the most integral part of our history, morals, faith and civilization. Preserving our language is an indispensable element for preserving our history, morals, faith and civilization.

At this point, Şentop emphasized that he found the use of Turkish as a language of instruction in North Macedonia very valuable and valuable, and said that he followed his brothers into North Macedonia with appreciation for their efforts to keep the Turkish language alive.

Referring to the statement of the poet Yahya Kamal Bayatli, originally from Skopje, Sintop continued:

It is the Turkish language that protects us and binds us together as a nation from eternity to eternity. This is a bond that does not break even when the borders of the homeland are broken, and the borders still bind us together. Places where Turkish is not taken is home. The places from which it was withdrawn are no longer home. The body and soul of the homeland is Turkish. This bond does not separate millions of Turks today.

Şentop expressed his happiness to see Tika, Yunus Emre Institusu and Matosetepe doing very good and successful activities and concluded his words as follows:

“I congratulate the country of Macedonia for being a good and exceptional example for different countries to provide education in their own language. I congratulate the politicians, administrators and officials of North Macedonia. I would like to stress that North Macedonia’s tolerant approach to preserving its cultural richness is an ideal stance. This stance is a cause that strengthens Macedonia politically. I believe that The environment of social peace in North Macedonia will always continue.Turks will continue to serve these lands with their languages ​​and civilizations forever.

Within the scope of the program, prizes were given to the students who ranked in the “Turkish Painting Competition in the Eyes of a Child”, “Turkish Poetry Our Language Competition” and “Turkish Installation Competition in the Balkans”.

After the speeches, the artist Berry took the stage with his popular songs.

Source: AA

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