Balkans | Turkish experts say Central Asia is also at the heart of ’emerging Asia’

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Balkans |  Turkish experts say Central Asia is also at the heart of ’emerging Asia’

Turkish experts said that Central Asian countries also played a central role in the rise of Asia.

Capital by the Kazakhstan Institute for Strategic Studies AstanaIn the “Central Asian Forum on Security and Cooperation” (CAF), which started in Turkey, the President of the Foreign Policy Institute, Prof. Dr. doctor. Hussein Bagji, Foundation for Political, Economic and Social Research (Sita) Specialist Prof. Dr. doctor. Ferhat Ricci, Turkish Political and Strategic Research Foundation (Turkish Political and Strategic Research Foundation)Torpav) Board Member Sinan Demirturk attended.

Speaking to Anadolu Agency (AA), the head of the Foreign Policy Institute, Bagci, said that the organized forum of Central Asian countries, which entered a new process in economic, social and political terms, is very important.

Referring to the exchange of new information and views on important issues at the forum, Bagsi said, “Kazakhstan’s comprehensive vision of all Central Asian countries is very important for the upcoming process.” He said.

vigneron, Middle AsiaPointing out that Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, which are the two most important countries in Turkey, will become transitional and intermediate countries between East and West in the future, and these countries will have to solve common problems such as energy, transportation of people and products, and security together. In the future. So it is better to talk about these issues now.” Use the phrase.

Emphasizing that with the Russian-Ukrainian war, it became clear that the countries of Central Asia are located in a geography that intersects with the policies of Eastern Russia and those of Western China. And we see that the view of states like) is starting to change.” He evaluated it.

“Kazakhstan’s voice will be heard louder in the coming period, especially given the developments in the Turkish world,” Bagci said. He said.

The international system is undergoing a major transformation.

SETA specialist Perinci stated that the international system has undergone a major transformation and said: “All actors in this change believe that Asia is on the rise. Looking at the rise of Asia, Central Asia plays a central role alongside classical China and India.” He rated it.

Describing the forum as an important initiative in terms of seeing this transformation of the countries of the region, Richie explained, “There is no doubt that the opinions that will emerge here will be useful in shaping new organizations and platforms in the future.” Use the phrase.

Explaining that he dealt with Central Asia in two dimensions, Beringi said, “First; the dimension of being a geopolitical center, second and most important; it is the size of the Organization of Turkic States. These countries are members of the TDT. Therefore, this event is very important in terms of facing the risks related to the TDT region , including Turkey, and finding solutions to those risks, and overcoming these risks. He said.


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