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Balkans |  Ukraine’s statement from Dodik: “Moscow was forced to go to war”

Milorad Dodik, the president of Republika Srpska (RS), one of the two entities in Bosnia and Herzegovina, has argued that Russia has been forced into a war with Ukraine.

Moscow The President of Russia during his visit Russian President Vladimir Putin After meeting with Dodik, Dodik made a statement on his official Twitter account.

Noting that the Republika Srpska had informed Putin that the Republika Srpska needed to cooperate with Russia in the economic field, the Serbian leader said, “The Republika Srpska is determined not to go along with the politics of unilaterally blaming Ukraine, by staying true to its views.” private.” Use phrases.

Emphasizing that Russia is fighting for its security, Dodik said, “Moscow was forced into this military operation.” He said.

Recalling that Republika Srpska has been subjected to various pressures due to its position on Russia and Ukraine, Dodik said, “We prevented an official decision on imposing sanctions on Russia. That is why our partners in the West punished us with various sanctions and stopped projects. Despite this, we decided not to be part of the hysteria, We are in favor of allowing the problem to be resolved at the level of Russia and Ukraine. Make an evaluation.

Pointing out that the war in Ukraine is not between Russia and Ukraine, but rather between Russia and the West, Dodik said: “The Republic of Serbia is a region where stability and peace anyway. We are facing many requests to overthrow the Dayton Peace Agreement, and we have found that more than 100 powers granted to us have been It was taken from Republika Srpska. This happened thanks to laws and rules that have been imposed in violation of international law over the past 20 years.” made the statement.

He stated that Russian President Putin thanked Dodik for Republika Srpska’s firm stance on Ukraine.

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