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Balkans |  Understanding Russian Geopolitics and the Ukrainian War by Alexander Dugin

“Understanding Russian Geopolitics and the Ukrainian War by Aleksandr Dugin” by Bayram Pomak, editor-in-chief of The Balkan Post, and journalist and writer from Kosovo We present to your attention the article entitled.

Alexander Dugin is a Russian nationalist and strategist. He lost his daughter in August as a result of a bomb in his car. His book Russian Geopolitics, written long before the Ukrainian War, is an important work in terms of understanding the Ukraine War, which puts forward theories about Russia’s future strategy and the threats it faces. However, what makes the work interesting is that most of what he wrote takes place with the Ukraine war.

Alexander Dugin divides the world into two poles in his book. At these two poles, the main opposing forces make up the Atlantic and Eurasian blocs. He asserts that the United States is in the heart of the Atlantic and Russia is in the center of Eurasia, and that the main war is between these two blocs. Expressing that the Atlantic planned to withdraw Russia from the empire to the status of a ‘territorial state’ and that the influence of Russia, whose geopolitical character had diminished with the collapse of the Warsaw Treaty and the Soviet Union, would diminish further, he stated that the transformation of Russia into a ‘territorial state’ was equivalent to the suicide of the Russians because Empire is so claim, without it

In the report presented by Paul Wolfowitz to the US Congress in 1992, the most important strategic problem of the United States is not to allow a large independent strategic formation capable of conducting a policy independent of the United States on the territory of the former Soviet Union. . ‘Says. For this reason, he says, Russia wants to be given the role of a “regional state” because of this vital need of the West.

Dugin, in his book “From now on, all CIS countries (the Commonwealth of Independent States, countries of the former USSR) have two options: either to return to the Eurasian project, or to join NATO. Within each country there are both Eurasians (pro-Moscow) and opponents of Moscow, and in True pro-Americans. The very existence of a “sovereign Ukraine” is now a step into the Atlantic. As soon as Ukraine fell out of the Eurasian space (after the overthrow of the pro-Russian administration in Ukraine), problems arose: the Crimean issue, the problem of the Russian-speaking population of Ukraine, the independence of the Ukrainian Church , etc. Ukraine and Russia, which have become two different states, have taken sides on different sides of the geopolitical barrier.Ukraine has begun to play the role of a “buffer zone”, turning into an outpost for NATO. he is writing.

According to Dugin, Ukraine’s sovereignty is definitely undesirable for Russian geopolitics. One of the main factors here is undoubtedly the importance of the Black Sea. for this reason, Russia, devoid of the Black Sea coast from “Uzhe Fortress to Kerch”, takes such a small coast that it is not clear who actually controls it, and its existence as a normal, independent state is questionable. The Black Sea cannot replace access to the “warm seas” and its geopolitical importance is declining sharply due to the strong Atlantic control of the Bosphorus and Dardanelles. As an independent country, Ukraine poses a great danger to the whole of Eurasia. There is no point in talking about continental geopolitics until the Ukraine issue is resolved. Strategically, Ukraine should be a dangerous extension of Moscow in the south and west. determines its strategy.

It is reported that the survival of Ukraine as a sovereign state is as dangerous as the entry of the Atlanticists into Russia. For this reason, he says that Ukraine cannot remain a sovereign and united state, and expresses that a united Ukraine can no longer be allowed to continue its life. According to Dugin, Ukraine should be divided into several regions.

  1. Eastern Ukraine: This region belongs entirely to Russia.
  2. Crimea
  3. The central part including Kyiv
  4. Western Ukraine: Culturally, it belongs to the Catholic geopolitical part of Central Europe.

In this book, written a few years before the start of the Ukrainian war, Russia
He writes that it can be drawn into a “war of low intensity.” “It may even benefit from this by creating a generation of” low-intensity war “within the framework of the Russian Federation, which will discredit the Russians in the international arena and undermine the already unsound socio-economic stability of the state. Even if the Russians succeed in fighting part of the Russian territory From their neighbors, the cost will be the emergence of new hostile states.As a result, these states will be pushed into the camp of Russia’s main opponents, the Atlanticists (Western camp, USA).In this case, the new imperial integration that Russia needs will be postponed indefinitely. named. Says.

Alexander Dugin is a good guide to understanding what the Ukraine war, which is on the world’s agenda today, means for Russia. For Russia, Ukraine is not a different country from it. As a matter of fact, despite declaring its independence from the Soviet Union, Ukraine was a vassal state of Russia until 2014. With the Maidan coup, which emerged with the support of Soros, the country’s administration shifted from pro-Russian to pro-Western bloc. However, in the face of all these developments, Russia did not back down and intervened and annexed Crimea. Dugin explains that Crimea is the gateway to the Black Sea and losing control of Crimea means losing the way to the Black and Warm Seas. Likewise, he says that “sovereign” Ukraine is in fact a pro-Western country and that this is a vital threat to Russia, and states that the main problem is NATO’s eastward expansion.

Dugin says that the strategy set by the West against Russia is suicide for Russia, because the Russian people have no choice but to become an empire. If Russia does not have a policy of expansion, the West will surround and drown it. Especially the United States of America, says the only way is to expand. From this perspective Moscow’s goal is to expand its strategic influence to the east, west and south. On the contrary, the goal of NATO is to lock Russia-Eurasia into the anaconda ring. he is writing.

In this regard, it would be extremely wrong to consider the issue of Ukraine only as a matter of Russia and Ukraine. The West took control of Ukraine, a buffer zone, through a civil society coup. But then the real war was revealed when Russia revealed its military might. We see that the “low-intensity warfare” that Dogen claimed is actually being practiced today. On the one hand, the “low-intensity war” that the West wants continues, and on the other hand, Russia is implementing its strategy of dividing Ukraine. In every way it is clear that this war will last longer. We see the first stages of the war with the West and Russia. Dugin draws the context of the war very clearly. We will see in time whether Russia and the West will finally come to this war on a win-win or a win-lose basis. However, one thing is for sure that this war will occupy our agenda more.

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