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Balkans |  US Senators visit Kosovo

Kosovo President Fyoza Osmani met with US Senators Chris Murphy and Gary Peters.

During the meeting held in the Kosovo Presidency, issues such as increased military cooperation, Kosovo’s membership in international organizations, Kosovo-Serbia relations and cybersecurity were discussed.

Speaking at the press conference held after the meeting, President Osmani said that Kosovo is the most pro-American country in the world and he is proud of it.

Stating that with Kosovo’s integration into international organizations, a strong response will be given to those who want to return the Balkans to the tense 1990s, Osmani said, “In this period when the entire security structure of Europe is being challenged by the hegemonic and autocratic mentality, where Kosovo is located and what serves it, no No doubt about it. Kosovo has always stood by the United States and its other allies, and stood by the values ​​of freedom and democracy.” Use his statements.

Senator Murphy also said in his speech that Serbia should stop preventing Kosovo from joining international organizations.

Murphy emphasized that they visited Kosovo to ensure that the United States was doing everything it could to keep Kosovo on the path of international institutions and the European Union, “The relationship between the United States and Kosovo is strong and getting stronger.” Use his statements.

Murphy also noted that the United States appreciates Kosovo’s commitment to law and order and the fight against corruption.

Senator Peters added that Kosovo and the United States have a special relationship and that the United States will also help Kosovo with cyber security.

The US senators also met with Prime Minister Albin Kurti as part of their visit to Kosovo. The senators will also visit other Balkan countries during the week.


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