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Balkans |  Varhelyi: The agreements reached with Serbia must be implemented

Kosovo’s President, Vyuza Osmani, welcomed Oliver Varheli, EU Commissioner for Neighborhood Affairs and Enlargement. After the meeting, a joint press conference was held.

President Vgusa Osmani, who held a press conference with European Commissioner for Neighborhood and Enlargement Oliver Varhelyi, said that the EU has provided Kosovo with 6.5 million euros to support the rule of law.

Osmani said that the rule of law is not just a priority on paper for Kosovo’s institutions, it is a priority for all citizens and for him as president. Noting that the commitment to strengthen the police and other law enforcement agencies is very important and a priority, Osmani stressed that after the long and unfair delays from January next year, and after the opportunity for freedom of movement, Kosovo will be closer to the EU and strengthen its economic, scientific and academic cooperation.

European Commission Neighborhood and Enlargement Commissioner Oliver Varhelyi has called for the implementation of all agreements reached with Serbia, including the 2015 agreement.

“We had a very nice and productive meeting,” Varhelyi said, “and I think we touched on all the elements of progress. I think Kosovo has shown that it is determined to align itself with the EU. From January 1, Kosovo citizens will be able to travel visa-free, which is a common achievement. We Here to discuss the annual progress report. We wanted to see how much progress has been made on reforms. Because reforms are a critical issue. We are here and we have commitment from the government and we expect all policies to be implemented. There is an environment of media pluralism in Kosovo, and violence against the media must stop. We also touched on To the economic situation. We are witnessing good news that we have begun to recover after the epidemic. Kosovo must grow in terms of competition and economy, steps should be taken to invest and create an environment for investors. We are determined to be present in every field in Kosovo. All agreements with Serbia must be respected, and the whole region will benefit normalization of relations between Kosovo and Serbia.

source: Kosovaport

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