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Balkans |  Vice President Oktay met with his Bulgarian counterpart Utova

Vice President Fuat Oktay met with Bulgarian Vice President Ileana Yotova.

The Bulgarian ambassador to Ankara, Angel Khristov Cholakov, also attended the meeting between Oktay and Utova at the Presidential Complex.

During the meeting, Oktay expressed his satisfaction with the strengthening of relations with Bulgaria, which have developed on the basis of mutual benefit.

Referring to the great potential of Turkish-Bulgarian relations and the growing need for cooperation, Oktay expressed his desire for the continuation of the momentum achieved in bilateral relations.

Pointing out that the volume of Turkey’s trade towards Europe is increasing day by day, and that Bulgaria is in the position of “Turkey’s gateway to Europe,” Oktay explained that the number of trucks passing through Bulgaria has doubled in the past five years.

Emphasizing that the issuance of long-term multiple-entry visas to Turkish citizens and facilitating these operations will especially encourage entrepreneurial businessmen to invest more in Bulgaria and contribute to the development of cultural relations, Oktay said that the opportunity to travel with an identity card provided to Bulgarian citizens in July 2022, Tourism and Tourism, he mentioned It is an important gain from an economic point of view.

Expressing Turkey’s willingness to cooperate in the field of defense industry and support the modernization efforts of the Bulgarian army, Oktay drew attention to the experience of Turkish defense companies with high quality, competitive price and advanced technological products that have proven themselves in the field.

Oktay renewed his request to show the necessary permit and support for the additional service building needed by the Turkish Consulate General in Plovdiv, and also expressed satisfaction at the solidarity shown by the Bulgarian authorities after the July 15 coup attempt targeting the Turkish constitutional order and democracy.

– Emphasizing the joint fight against terrorism and illegal immigration

Bulgarian Vice President Eliana Yotova stated that they welcome Turkey’s initiatives in the Ukrainian-Russian war, led by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, and its efforts for peace.

It was emphasized during the meeting that combating terrorism and preventing illegal immigration are two important issues that require joint action without interruption in the security field.

In the meeting, which was recorded as a turning point in the field of energy cooperation, the natural gas agreement signed between the two countries on January 3 was also reminded that with the agreement to be valid for 13 years, nearly half of the natural gas that Bulgaria needs can be obtained from Turkey.

source: AA

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