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Balkans |  Vice President Oktay’s reaction to the Chief of the General Staff of Greece Floros

Vice President Fuat Oktay made assessments on the political agenda in an interview published on YouTube channel. Oktay responded to the stance of Greek Chief of Staff Constantinos Floros against Bodrum with the Greek flag on the island of Kashi.

Vice President Fuat Oktay responded to the position of the Greek Chief of Staff Konstantinos Floros against Bodrum with the Greek flag on the island of Kitchi.

Oktay made assessments on the political agenda in an interview posted on his YouTube channel.

Pointing out that the AKP’s greatest achievement in the past 20 years is gaining self-confidence among society and youth, Oktay said that a period in which the Turkish Republic’s citizenship was a privilege has come in the world.

“Turkey solved the infrastructure problem in 20 years”

Oktay pointed out that Turkey’s century is a superstructure and its infrastructure has been equipped during the past twenty years.

  • “Without building this infrastructure, without building a strong communications infrastructure, you will not have a chance for economic and social development. If you have a problem with energy, this is natural gas, this is electricity or this is something else. You have no chance to look into the future with confidence,” Not to mention the Turkish Century.Turkey has solved the problem of infrastructure in these 20 years.With an amazing network of roads and air corridors.It has now entered through sea routes and has begun to seriously strengthen its railway network.Not nationally, but nationwide International.In other words, even foreigners look at it, they’re amazed and amazed, and now you look at our contractors, they’re the second best contractors in the world, after China I think.Now you complete it in 20 years.In other words, you put a lot in 20 years on top of what It’s been done in the last 80 years. That’s why we say, “What can’t be done in 20 years, has been done in 80 years.”

Oktay pointed out that Turkey has taken a step of nationalization and nationalization in the field of energy through drilling and seismic ships, and stated that natural gas in the Black Sea and oil in Jabbar Mountain can appear when it acts in this spirit.

“Turkey is on its way to becoming an energy base”

Pointing out that Turkey is on its way to becoming an energy base in the energy field that foreign countries depend on thanks to its relations with other countries, Oktay said:

  • It requires credibility both in international diplomacy and at the international level. This is where the Recep Tayyip Erdogan factor comes into play. What does this offer? It turns to you as a base of energy in an environment that was already established in the diplomatic field but based on the diplomacy of the leader, which was established by Recep Tayyip Erdogan himself, but at the same time, confidence in himself, which turned into confidence in the country, where teams worked in the same direction and gave confidence as a team. “.

Turkey does not allow such images.

Pointing out that there is political will behind the success achieved in the defense industry, Oktay explained that Turkey has reached the point of challenging structures that write scenarios and try to implement them in spite of themselves, and external tutelage, as it did against the government. local guardianship.

He pointed out that the presidential system plays an important role in Turkey’s access to this capacity, as it is not an “individual” system, but rather works with a very serious consultation mechanism, and that Turkey has become more flexible and dynamic in facing crises, and he said:

“Now when you look at the risk of losing it, there is such a thing as a hexagonal table. It turned out to be promising. And our society saw that too very quickly; it turned out to be a structure far from being a hope for itself, far from being a hope for society, and incapable of even talking about its own problems.” Now, can six citizens make a decision and make a quick decision and carry it out with the same determination as soon as they appear put so many others to their right and left? In other words, you will enter Libya when necessary. In other words, you will clarify the areas of maritime jurisdiction there. In fact, this also represents A challenge. Who is the challenge, where does the sound come from when we make it there? It comes from Rum, it comes from Greece. It’s normal, because here we see who comes and congratulates whom, right? Yesterday, an Athenian congratulated the mayor of Istanbul, saying: “We With you, my brother”. It is clear where the brotherhood is. Turkey does not allow such images and does what is necessary. Turkey does not speak empty-handed when it says “we will come suddenly”, it will do so if it says so. Especially Recep Tayyip Erdogan does not speak empty-handed. Therefore, these 6 people, these 8 people, 7 people, anyway, did not return They know their numbers anymore. This structure, unable even to identify a presidential candidate, is looking for a puppet saying, ‘He has to comply with what we say’.

Noting that the Togg project is being revived at great timing, Oktay states that Togg, which is essentially a “smart system”, encompasses all kinds of automation and information infrastructure, and can be upgraded and gain new functionality, just like smartphones.

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