Balkans | VMRO DPMNE demands the resignation of Foreign Minister Osmani

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Balkans |  VMRO DPMNE demands the resignation of Foreign Minister Osmani

North Macedonia’s main opposition party, VMRO DPMNE, said Foreign Minister Bujar Osmani should resign at a press conference because he only speaks Albanian.

Maria Miteva, spokeswoman for the main opposition party VMRO DPMNE, demanded the resignation of Foreign Minister Bujar Osmani, because she only spoke Albanian during her meeting with her Spanish counterpart.

Pointing out that Usmani’s aforementioned move was not a “state” approach, Mitiva said, “Disrespect by SDSM and BDI towards Macedonia has become a practice for which none of them are responsible. For this reason, we demand that criminal responsibility be brought against Usmani, and the authorities to take immediate action.” Finally, appropriate measures must be taken against actions that aim to harm the reputation of the state in Macedonia, such as this incident. He said.

Mitiva said, “The behavior of Bujar Osmani, as the Minister of Foreign Affairs, not using Macedonian as the official language of the Republic of Macedonia in an interstate meeting, is shameful, unscrupulous and insulting”. He rated it.

The State Department issued a statement that reacted immediately, accusing VMRO-DPMNE of creating undue confusion along racial lines.

“Despite declaring itself as a party supporting conservative values, the behavior of the opposition VMRO-DPMNE during the celebration of Easter, more specifically on Great Saturday or the day of deep silence and rest, is banal lies and completely fabricated facts that create ethnic tensions and divisions in society.” It has been said.

During the meetings and the press conference with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Spain, José Manuel, the information that the law on the use of languages ​​has been applied incorrectly was denied, in the statement, “The law applies languages ​​to all events organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and at the same time it is applied many times and general and as frequent as needed.At each event, the Minister, in conjunction with the Ministry, shall provide a suitably available translation for the available media, to the local population in the two official languages ​​specified in the Constitution and the Languages ​​Act.” Data included.

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