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Balkans |  Vucic: “Not 50,000 people, 9,000 people took part in the demonstrations”

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said that 9,000 people participated in the anti-government demonstration that was organized in the capital, Belgrade, last night at the invitation of the opposition, and not 50,000 people, as it claimed.

Commenting on the demonstrations that took place in various cities of Serbia and Belgrade in response to the two armed attacks that took place in the country last week, Vucic said he expected a more serious and responsible stance from the opposition.

Vucic, who said the demonstrations were politically motivated, recalled that he tried to prevent it and said, “I didn’t do it because I was afraid, but because I thought it wasn’t good for our state.” He said.

Parade participants violenceHe demanded the suspension of electronic promotion, the removal of violent programming, and the resignation of the Radio and Television Serbian (RTS) administration and the supervisory board that determines which channels will be broadcast in Serbia.

Pointing out that Interior Minister Bratislav Jacek and SS chief Aleksandar Vulin were responsible for the mass attacks that killed 17 people last week, the protesters demanded that the responsible minister and top executives resign.

The opposition demanded that the Serbian parliament convene on the agenda of “the government’s role in the current security situation in the country,” and gave the government until May 12 to meet the demands.

Opposition representatives threatened to stop the progress of work in Serbia, declaring that measures appropriate to the scale of the tragedy would be taken if their demands were not met.

In Frakar, near Belgrade, on May 3, 9 people, including 8 children, were killed in an armed attack by Kosta Kecmanović, a 14-year-old 7th grade student, at Vladislav Ribnekar Primary School.

While a teacher and 6 students were injured in the attack on the school, it was reported that the perpetrator of the incident, Kecmanović, planned the attack in advance and prepared a list of the names of the victims.

Two days after the attack on the school, 21-year-old Uros Blazic in Mladenvac fired indiscriminately from the moving car with an automatic rifle, killing 8 people.

The government declared national mourning after the shooting.

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