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Balkans |  Vucic: “We can’t beat NATO”

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said that his country prefers peaceful means because it cannot defeat NATO in Kosovo.

Serbia president Alexander VucicAllegedly violating the rights of Serbs in northern Kosovo, he said, “What can I do about it? Shall I send tanks? I can’t do that. We can’t win against NATO,” he said.

Speaking to Radio Television Serbia (RTS), Vucic claimed that the Kosovo government had taken the tactic of never implementing the Union of Serbian Municipalities agreement. In this context, Vucic said that Kosovo Serbs were provoked into causing an incident, “They are imprisoning the most talented young men in the north. In the past three days, three handcuffed Serbs escaped from the Kosovo police across the border. Today, they imprisoned the coach of the handball team in Strepci.”

Vucic said that Serbs in Kosovo would boycott early local elections scheduled for Serb-controlled municipalities on April 23. “What will happen on April 24? Nothing. And Kurti will take power in northern Mitrovica. Think about what kind of democracy and legitimacy can exist,” he said. In a place where the Albanian population is 2%. But what about the Serbs? Bad. What could it be. It would be as if they were occupied. “People are worried about that,” he said.

Vucic accused Kosovo of organizing local elections in which the Serbs would not participate, and said: “So what do I do in this situation? Do I send tanks? I can’t do that. We can’t win over NATO. I can’t and I don’t want people to die. I want to solve problems peacefully.” .

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