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Balkans |  “We cannot look at the lands of the Fatih Dispatch from afar.”

In his speech at the Rumelia Grand Meeting held at Halic Congress Center, Erdogan said that he welcomed the grieving and proud sons of Rumelia, dear young men, honorable ladies and dear compatriots.

From Macedonia, former President of the Constitutional Court Salih Murad, President of the Turkish Democratic Party (TDP) and Deputy Pekan Ilyas, Chairman of the Turkish National Unity Movement (TMBH) Erdogan Siraj, Alternativa Party attended the Rumelia Grand Meeting held at Halic Congress Center, Chairman and Deputy Efrim Gashi, President of the Bosnian Democratic Federation Munir Kolasinac, Chairman of the Board of Directors of MATÜSİTEB Tahsin Ibrahim, President of the Association Kupru Husrev Amin, and President of the Association of Ansar Suleiman Baki.

President Erdogan expressed that he sends his love and respect to all those whose hearts beat for him, to the citizens of his country, and thanked everyone who contributed to this beautiful meeting.

Pointing out that he heard the voices of the raiders who have stood at the gates of Vienna for centuries in the hall chanting “God Almighty,” Erdogan said: “Today, I hear the gentle, elegant, delicate, and fluttering sounds of the Rumelian folk songs that make our hearts tremble. Today, I see a wonderful flood of Love, a sea of ​​love, stretches from Bursa to Bosnia, from Istanbul to Skopje. Here, I see the symbol of our eternal brotherhood, whose dough is kneaded with pain, suffering, love, affection and solidarity. He said.

Erdoğan later wrote Rumeli’s lament, “A Rumeli folk song fluttering in silver vases / A warm prayer fell on my hands / A Burmese mustache’s lament in a time of restraint / A green rose on bloody hooves chanted / The silence of a partridge cut into the sky / I burned from my house because of the call to prayer / I closed my eyes My eyes are in Istanbul / Skopje, I woke up in Tetovo / Beyond, blood, mosques, fountains / The Fatih Bridge smiles here / The wind that makes the Vardar plain tremble / Makes their hearts flutter / They call it Estergon / There is half in Rumelia” he read his verses.

Expressing that he has many brothers, not only in Rumelia, but also from the Balkans to the Caucasus, from the Adriatic Sea to Altay, in 3 continents and 7 climates, Erdogan expressed that he has many lovers who shed tears with a prayer, “God does not let Turkey down.” “.

“Thank you for your support in the May 14 elections.”

Pointing out that despite their different language, religion, culture and skin color, President Erdogan said that he has 100 million friends who pin their hopes on the success of their country.

“Here in this room, wherever we go in Rumelia, I see the children of the raiders who cut us down and said ‘Welcome to the stone and land of Turkey.’ I see before me the representatives of the Turkey lovers, numbering 100 million, along with the relics of the Serdengeçti. In my name and in the name of my colleagues I thank you for your unquenchable enthusiasm Fits in the halls. Thank you for our upright standing. I want to thank you for your support in the May 14th election. I want to thank each and every one of you for your love, which gives good tidings of the result that will come out of the ballot box on May 28th.”

Emphasizing that the people in the hall are very beautiful and sincere, Erdogan said, “I hope that my Lord will perpetuate our conversation. My brothers and sisters, we are a country that inherited the flag of independence and the future from the Ottoman Empire, which once ruled over 10 million square kilometers. The Republic of Turkey is not the first country, Rather, the last state of our struggle, which has been striving for existence and non-existence on these lands for 1000 years. Use his statements.

We cannot look from afar at those lands that are the sons of the conqueror.

Erdogan said that he visited the first president of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the late Ali Izetbegovic, in the hospital in his last term, and told him: “My son is kind, this land is the son of the conqueror. The lands of this Ibn al-Fatih are entrusted to you. He said.

Erdoğan explained that the son of Izetbegović, the head of the Democratic Action Party (SDA), told him that his father had not spoken up to that point, he said: “Of course, this was an outpouring of feelings for us, I praised my Lord. But we received such confidence that we don’t We can look at those lands, which are Ibn al-Fatih’s, from afar. We know that he will look upon them as a trust and we will take care of them.” He said.

President Erdoğan said, “(US officials) Turkifi is entrusted to you there. You have to find this terrorist who smashed Turkifi’s windows with a crowbar.” He said.

President Erdoğan said: “You have to find this terrorist who broke the windows of Turkifi. Let’s see, you have to find this terrorist quickly. You have to do the right thing.” He said.

source: AA

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