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Balkans |  “We will continue to strengthen our cooperation with new steps that we will take in many areas.”

President of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey Mustafa Şentop met Prime Minister Dimitar Kovačevski as part of his official contacts in North Macedonia.

According to the information received, Şentop expressed his happiness to visit North Macedonia again this year on the occasion of “December 21 Turkish Education Day” and that relations with Macedonia, which is an important partner of Turkey in the Balkan geography, have been brought to an advanced level in 30 years.

“We will continue to strengthen our cooperation with new steps to be taken in many areas such as trade, investment, tourism, defense industry, education and culture,” Owentop said. Use the phrase.

Noting the importance of working together in the face of common difficulties facing the region and the world recently, Ontop said: “With war, migration, terrorism and energy crisis, it makes it necessary to strengthen our cooperation.” He said.

On the goal of further developing economic and trade relations between Turkey and North Macedonia, Şentop stressed the importance of updating the free trade agreement to include the agricultural products and services sector.

Owentop said that a large number of Turkish investments in various sectors in North Macedonia reveals the potential in economic relations.

Recalling Turkey’s war against the FETÖ terrorist organization, Şentop drew attention to the fact that FETO, a new generation terrorist organization, still exists in North Macedonia under various disguises such as educational institutions, NGOs and companies.

Şentop stressed the importance of joint action to liquidate the FETO organization in North Macedonia and expressed his expectations for the liquidation of the structures affiliated with the organization.

Thanks to Turkey from Prime Minister Kovaczewski

According to the written statement issued by the Presidency of North Macedonia, entop and the accompanying delegation attended the meeting in the Presidency of North Macedonia.

During the meeting, the good traditional relations between the two countries were confirmed and it was mentioned that there are already investors or those interested in investing in North Macedonia.

During the meeting, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s greetings were conveyed, and Turkey’s strong support for European integration was expressed after North Macedonia started negotiations.

It is emphasized that the European integration of North Macedonia is important for the country’s perspective, as well as for the stability of the entire region and Europe.

The Prime Minister, Kovaczewski, thanked Turkey for the important, sincere, longstanding and continuing friendship and support that Turkey has shown to her country since independence and continues to develop within the framework of the partnership between the two countries in NATO.

During the meeting, emphasis was also placed on cooperation in the field of defence.

While noting the importance of Turkey’s energy support and cooperation for North Macedonia, it was emphasized that the government, on the eve of Turkish Education Day on December 21, maintains its commitment to the development of North Macedonia as an example of a successful, functional multi-ethnic democracy in the region and in Europe.

In this context, it was mentioned that support was provided to open new Turkish classrooms in state schools.

During the meeting, cooperation between the two countries in the field of culture was discussed. It was also noted the opening of cultural centers in Skopje and Istanbul, and other projects to improve cooperation in this plan were discussed.

Source: AA

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