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The electoral marathon continues with activity as parties identify their candidates for the elections scheduled for Sunday, May 21 in Greece.

The electoral marathon continues with activity as parties identify their candidates for the elections scheduled for Sunday, May 21 in Greece.

While the party chiefs travel every inch of the country, the candidates in the provinces try to express themselves by meeting the citizens with great enthusiasm. There is an intense and active election period in Greece, where almost all post-Covid restrictions have been lifted.

It is a matter of curiosity in which direction citizens will use their preferences after a difficult period across the country. The YDP government is under fire from the opposition on several issues with Covid and subsequent practices. Tsipras, the leader of the main opposition, speaks with confidence that they will be the winners in the elections, contrary to the published polls.

The Turks of Western Thrace will go to the polls on May 21 and vote by evaluating many criteria. The voters of the Turkish minority in Western Thrace, who have immigrated to European countries because of their economic difficulties and have to face very different problems arising from this, will of course take all these into account when going to the polls.

The “legendary” approach of the government towards the Turkish minority

During his visit to Xanthi, Prime Minister Mitsotakis made a reference to Turkey, as many Greek politicians do, in order to preserve right-wing votes in the region. However, the expressions that Mitsotakis used regarding the rights of minorities and minorities drew more attention. Prime Minister Mikotakis, who almost mocked the rights and law of the Turks of Western Thrace, attributing “myths” to the issues concerning the rights of minorities in Western Thrace, used the term “citizens who became tools for other purposes”, referring to those who expressed the rights of the Turkic minority. In a clearer expression, Prime Minister Mitsotakis implicitly said to the Turks of Western Thrace: Prevent the expectations of the Turks of Western Thrace with regard to the rights of minorities.

The opinion of the opposition party to the Turkish minority

And while this is happening on the part of the prime minister, it cannot be said that we have seen a positive approach, clear and unequivocal rhetoric from the other parties towards the rights and law of Western Turks. Because, especially in the pre-election period, it cannot be said that there is a politician and mentality that can put forward bold statements on the axis of the rights of Turkish minorities and the law in Greece.

Given all this, the voters of the Turkish minority in Western Thrace will cast their ballots at least for the election of the members of the Turkish minority nominated by the Greek Parliament parties. Voters from Turkish minorities will of course assess the political situation and economic developments in the country as they go to the polls.

sensitivities of the Turkish minority

However, Turkish minority voters should show sensitivity to one issue as usual. This issue is to elect deputies from Xanthi and Komotini by making the right choices among the Turkish candidates in the two parties.

It may be appropriate to add some criteria in these elections to the pre-election efforts to avoid being without a representative, which has been associated with the slogan “Turkish vote to leave” in recent years. Yes, the voters of the Turkish minority in Western Thrace must vote for the Turkish candidates in the parties. But this alone is not enough. Which candidate will represent us more appropriately, who will deal with the problems of society more, which candidate will show clearer attitudes towards our unity and solidarity? From which party can more members of parliament be elected? It is necessary to consider all of these.

On the other hand, some voters may think more personally. “Such-and-such candidate took care of my personal business,” another was “My father made things easier when he was building a house,” and another was “For my grandfather’s sake, will he hurt me if I don’t vote for him?” Such ideas and approaches are incompatible with democracy and free will and are traps used To leave the Turks of Western Thrace without representatives.

Beware of the complication, menace, blackstays and traps!

As voters of the Turkic minorities of Western Thrace, when going to the polls, first of all, it is necessary to put aside those who want to curb our free will with various intrigues, threats, blackmail, pranks and various traps. Personal interests and personal interests should not take precedence over social interests and our unity. Of course, we cannot explicitly declare “vote for these names, but they can be elected” here, of course, but we must strive to choose the best candidates for us in terms of our unity, solidarity and community interests.

“Mechanism” – “Deep State” – “Change Mindset”

Now you will ask “Which is better?” say. Let’s be very clear when answering this question. Under the current political conditions of Greece, no party can and cannot fulfill the demands of the Turks of Western Thrace for the rights of minorities. Because the Greek “national politics” or the “deep state” mechanism does not allow this. Unless the mentality of this mechanism changes in Greece, it will be a dream to have high expectations from the representatives we will elect to parliament today to resolve the rights of the Turkish minority. But of course they will follow them and they will be at least a sign of the existence of the Turkish minority and will represent it. Even if they cannot get rid of negativity, preventing new negativity can be considered a lesser evil. Preventing evil is also good, and its motto is a reflection of our faith.

Go to the box…

So, what should we keep in mind when going to the polls? First of all, we will be smart. It is clear which candidates from which party will be chosen more easily. This is the technical side of the work. We will also consider this: Which of these candidates can represent us? Who has always been with us on social issues? Which took a more upright stance on minority issues? Which one is with us in the social and cultural activities of the Turks of Western Thrace, which one supports these activities the most? In short, at peace with the Turkish Muslim community in Western Thrace, the rights and law of the Turkish minorityIf our society favors candidates with a certain level of representation and a certain voting potential, we will select the best candidates for the Hellenic Parliament.

Our society knows very well which candidates stand where they are on social issues. Also, our nation understands those who are trying to win votes with threats, blackmail and various tricks. Our youth will not accept outdated methods.

Technical Analysis

Let’s do some technical analysis for those who don’t know during the lockdown. Let’s not forget that in these elections “Apli analogiki” will be applied, that is, the distribution of deputies according to the voting averages, and +50 deputies will not be given to the first party. For this reason, it seems impossible for any single party to hold power. If a coalition government cannot be formed, the country will go to the polls again on July 2. This time we will not choose candidates. The parties will decide the candidates in the list method, and in this election, the candidates elected will be the top of the lists. For this reason, we must vote enough to put the candidates we would like to see as Members of Parliament in Xanthi and Rhodope districts into first place in their respective parties. Xanthi and Rhodope counties are the counties that elect 3 MPs. The top three parties in these provinces are likely to elect one MP each. It is also clear which parties will take the top three spots in Xanthi and Rhodope districts. Turkish candidates from these three parties will be decided primarily by our votes.

As a result, the sharp outlook and broad common sense of the members of the Turkish minority will reflect the right choice. The candidates are clear, the parties are clear, and those with us are clear. Remember, no one is perfect. However, it is our duty to choose the best for our community. Everyone will respect the result that will appear in the ballot box.

Within the framework of these assessments, we hope that the elections will be beneficial for our country and the Turks of Western Thrace.

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