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Balkans |  Work continues on the way to form a government in Bulgaria

After the early general elections held on April 2, in light of the two-year-old political crisis in Bulgaria, efforts are under way to form a government.

Bulgarian President Rumen Radev announced that he would “soon” give the task of forming a government to the Citizens for European Development in Bulgaria party, which has the largest group in the 240-member parliament and is headed by one of the former prime ministers, Boyko Borisov.

Should the Scab party, which does not receive support from other political parties in Parliament, fail in its attempt to form a government, Radev will hand the task over to the Alliance for Continuous Change – Bulgarian Democracy (PP-DB), the second largest group in Parliament.

The PP-DB coalition announced the list of government Radev would form if given the mandate.

It was reported that Nikolai Denkov, one of the former education ministers, will take over as prime minister in the potential coalition government of PP-DB.

There is no solution to the government formula

The PP-DB coalition has announced that it will not support the government to be formed by the GERB party, the largest group in parliament.

The GERB has also stated that it will not give a vote of confidence to the government to be formed by the PP-DB.

Political observers speculate that only a government in the GERB-PP-DB format can have any chance of survival.

If the parties with the largest group in parliament fail to form a government, Radev will task another party to form the government before parliament is dissolved and a new date for early elections is set.

In the event of failure to form a government in Bulgaria, the electors will go to the polls again in July and August. General elections have been held 5 times in the last two years in the country.

Cabinet change

Meanwhile, it was announced that Foreign Minister Nikolai Melkov was dismissed from the provisional government formed by Bulgarian President Radev.

According to the written statement of the Prime Ministry, Melkov was appointed Permanent Representative of Bulgaria to NATO, and Ivan Kondov – Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Bulgaria has been ruled by provisional governments set up by President Radev for the past two years, during which the political crisis has continued.


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