Balkans | World-famous names continue to send messages of support to Turkey.

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Balkans |  World-famous names continue to send messages of support to Turkey.

Paulo Coelho, Zara Larson, Ellen DeGeneres, Della Miles, Richard Strick, Steve Di Giorgio and Tim Seavey shared their grief on their social media accounts.

World-famous names of culture and artistic life post messages of condolence to Turkey on social media after the earthquake that hit Kahramanmaraş.

While Russell Crowe, Antonio Banderas, Dua Lipa, and Mark Eliyahu broadcast messages of support for Turkey the day before, several artists, including famous writer Paulo Coelho, singer Zara Larson, comedian Ellen DeGeneres, and Della Miles, are presenting Turkey. Their followers, exchanging messages stating that they were with him.

Brazilian writer Paulo Coelho used the hashtag “EarthquakeTurkiye” (EarthquakeTurkiye) by quoting a user’s Twitter post about the earthquake in Turkey.

Famous Swedish pop artist Zara Larsson broke the news to The Guardian on her Instagram story and included a link to AKUT for those who want to donate.

American comedian and presenter Ellen DeGeneres shared the donation link for the charity in her message on her Instagram account, “Turkey and Syria need our support. Thousands have died and many more are still trapped under the rubble. I hope whoever can support the relief effort.” In his words, he expressed his sadness.

American artist Della Miles, who shared a lot on her social media accounts, also shared a lot about the earthquake.

Steve DiGiorgio, guitarist for American band Testament, shared hashtags about the earthquake in Turkey and Syria by adding a broken heart emoji to a photo about the earthquake on his personal Twitter account.

Bosnian-Australian actor and TV presenter Rishad Strick called for help via his Instagram account, “Help me Lord. Turkey and Syria…” he shared.

Messages of condolence from Numan Akar and Tim Seifi

Turkish actors Numan Akar and Tim Sevi also shared their accounts on social media and called on their followers to support them.

Gene Simmons, lead singer and guitarist of the famous rock band Kiss, said on his Twitter account: “My heart and prayers are with the Turkish people because of the great earthquake that claimed the lives of thousands of people. We send our love and best wishes.” In his words, he expressed his sadness.

Simon Simons, lead singer of the Dutch band Epica, who has played concerts in Turkey many times before, also said about the earthquake: “My heart is bleeding for Turkey and Syria.” Share your message.

Finnish soprano and rock soloist Tarja Turunen wrote on her social media accounts: “Our prayers are for Turkey, Syria and all other countries affected by the earthquake.” Use his statements.

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