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Balkans |  YEE hosted 6,000 children in Bosnia and Herzegovina

More than 6,000 children learning Turkish as an elective course in their schools as part of the “My Choice is Turkish Project” implemented by Yunus Emre Institute (YEE) in Bosnia and Herzegovina came together at the Children’s Festival, the 10th of which was held this year.

Zenica Invitees, students and teachers from Turkey and Bosnia and Herzegovina attended the festival, which was held in the city’s Zenica Arena.

Sadik Babur Ceren, Turkey’s ambassador to Sarajevo, said he was very happy to speak the same language and share the same feelings.

Cern stated that the number of students learning Turkish has increased all over Bosnia and Herzegovina and that this makes them happy. She said, “You are building a bridge of friendship between the two countries. We are proud of the point we have reached on this land where the Yunus Emre Institute started teaching Turkish for the first time. You Not only do you learn the Turkish language, but you become Turkey’s ambassadors of peace and culture. The Children’s Festival, which is among the most comprehensive activities of Yunus Emre Institute, brought you Turkish food, Turkish films and Turkish children’s games this year with the activities of Turkey Days. We thank the people of Bosnia and Herzegovina for their interest” . Use the phrase.

YEE Vice President Abdullah Kutalmış Yalçın stated that as an institution, they carry out more than a thousand cultural and artistic activities and the number of friendly people increases all over the world.

Yalcin stated that his activities in Bosnia and Herzegovina, such as Turkey Days, Children’s Festival, in addition to showing Turkish films, have become traditional, and he said: “Today, we have reached more than 5 thousand students within the scope of my choice is a Turkish project. They are also very important in terms of reflecting our organizational capacity.” He said.

The mayor of Zenica, Fuad Kasumović, thanked the organizers of the festival and noted that it was fun to organize it from their city.

Stating that the festival strengthened the friendship between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Turkey, Kasumović said that the event was the most popular in the eyes of the students.

– Student earthquake survivors from Turkey met search and rescue teams from Bosnia and Herzegovina

14 students who were affected by the earthquakes that hit Kahramanmaraş participated in the festival and settled in Konya with the organization of Seluklu Municipality.

Meanwhile, the students went on stage and sang the song “If Life Was a Feast”, accompanied by other children in the hall.

Teams participating in search and rescue activities in the earthquake zone in Turkey also took to the stage and met with earthquake victims. The teams were awarded a Certificate of Appreciation by YEE.

– The famous singer of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Emil Coric, performed a concert

Gifts were presented to the students who were ranked in different competitions organized by YEE within the scope of “My Choice is Turkish Project” during the year among students learning Turkish.

Folk dance performances and visual shows were also held on the day which the children had a fun day.

Emil Coric, one of the most listened singers in Bosnia and Herzegovina, took the stage this year at the festival which was attended by famous artists from the Balkans such as Dino Merlin, Hari Mata Hari and Mirza Selimović.

Children created colorful pictures by waving Turkish flags and Busa-Herzegovina with their hands.

In addition to Turkish institutions and companies, many organizations from Bosnia and Herzegovina supported the festival.


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