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Balkans |  Young Turks are attracting attention in Kosovo with their unknown tools

Melih Jezmen, a street musician in the center of Pristina, the capital of Kosovo, attracts the attention of the public and tourists with his instrument called “Handpan”.

The 29-year-old told Anadolu Agency (AA) about his little-known instrument, the reactions he received from the people of Kosovo, and his goals.

Pointing out that the Handpan, which was invented in Switzerland about 20 years ago and is generally used to make meditation music, helps people heal, Ghismen said, “I play an instrument called the Handpan, it’s a meditative instrument and the magic of the first instrument. Playing directly touches the soul. I have songs.” on all digital platforms and I hope to sing and shoot more videos.” Use phrases.

Jezmen said he has been playing the instrument for 18 months:

“I started playing by myself, I learned it myself and it started to heal my stomach and my stomach. I felt better physically and mentally. People started to feel good. I play yoga and meditation camps, I play with a DJ. I keep playing combining it with different instruments and I don’t know if it’s been tried.” before, but I will try to transfer this instrument to mystical music.

Ghizmen emphasized that the people of Kosovo, especially children, show interest in music, and that he expects support for creating new songs with the accompaniment of Balkan music.

Noting that he understood he was the first person to bring the instrument to Kosovo, from people’s reactions, Ghizmen said, “When they first saw it in Kosovo, in Pristina, they were very curious about what it was and what kind of instrument it was. I was the first to bring this instrument to Kosovo. This is a special honor for me.” He said.

He stated that he dedicated a song to the people of Kosovo after the positive feedback he received in Kosovo, where he has been living for a month, and Ghizman continued his words as follows:

“From the moment I arrived in Kosovo, the children showed so much concern. There was so much positive feedback from people, I didn’t even get any negative reaction at all, and I can be so grateful for that. As soon as I arrived, the channels started calling, and I got involved. Also on local channels, national channels, live radio and television broadcasts. I received very good feedback, I received great interest and respect here.”

Departing from Antakya, Gezmen aims to promote his instruments and music by visiting Europe and countries on various continents after his Balkan tour.

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