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Balkans |  YTB ​​served breakfast in Skopje

Culture and Tourism Minister Mehmet Nuri Ersoy said, “It is not appropriate for us to be satisfied with ourselves only, with our society. We all bear the responsibility of communicating with humanity and activating consciences.” He said.

Minister Ersoy attended the iftar dinner organized by the Presidency of Turks Abroad and Related Communities (YTB) within the scope of his contacts in North Macedonia with the support of the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA).

In addition to Minister Ersoy, Turkey’s Ambassador to Skopje Hasan Mehmet Itkok, TIKA President Serkan Kayalar, YTB President Abdullah Eren, representatives of Turkish institutions and organizations in the country, politicians, businessmen and other guests attended the breakfast program held at a hotel in Cairo. Skopje capital.

The program began with the recitation of the Holy Quran.

In his speech here, Minister Ersoy expressed his happiness to be present at a table of peace and abundance with the guests of the iftar program.

Speaking to the Prophet Muhammad, Ersoy used the following phrases:

“None of you truly believes until he desires for his brother what he desires for himself and desires for his brother.” This is advice and a warning that shows how necessary and even compulsory we rid ourselves of even our most personal needs, questions, expectations, wants and desires, always looking at people outside of ourselves, and appreciating them by not seeing them as separate from ourselves. I believe that the Iftar tables are the simplest and most complete application of the Islamic principle of being we, not me, and standing together, not separately, which is what our Prophet indicated with this hadith.

Emphasizing that this table is a table where you can sit among all differences, wake up with the same unique taste from the palate and the same indescribable peace in the hearts, feeding the soul instead of the body, Ersoy said Islam is the path to being a perfect Islam.

Pointing out that the month of Ramadan is a test for the traveler on this road, and breaking the fast is the moment when they realize the value and meaning of this test, Ersoy stated that a Muslim is obliged to set an example for every person in his life.

Stating that the world needs this example today more than ever before, Ersoy continued his words as follows:

“It is not appropriate for us to be satisfied with ourselves only, with our society. We all bear the responsibility to communicate with humanity and activate consciences. Because there are people in the world today who make discrimination their duty, and those whose conscience has so dulled that they see it as a virtue and a higher virtue. We will stand together against this and work together to serve Humanity and humanity. Is it not that the Prophet said: “The best of people is the best of people.” We will proceed in the direction and on the path he points to.

Pointing out that this land that hosts them at today’s fast breakfast dinner, is a geography in which people of different religions and cultures live together and has occupied its exceptional place in history with this unity, Ersoy emphasized that knowing the value of this valuable heritage and keeping it alive and spreading it will be the guarantee of a peaceful tomorrow to their children.

Expressing that the ideas of the guests of different religions and cultures who share the iftar tables with them are one and with them, Ersoy said that these rich hearts, which can put aside all differences when it comes to human life and dignity, are the source and guarantee of their confidence that tomorrow will be better than today.

Congratulating the YTB staff for this beautiful organization they organized, Ersoy said, “I would like to express my gratitude to the country and people of North Macedonia, who extended a helping hand to us after the severe disasters that Turkey went through.” He said.

After the breakfast program, the guests took a souvenir photo with Minister Ersoy.

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