Balkans | Ziraat, Bosnia and Herzegovina’s first foreign bank, has been operating in the country for the past 26 years.

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Balkans |  Ziraat, Bosnia and Herzegovina’s first foreign bank, has been operating in the country for the past 26 years.

Ziraat Bank, the first foreign-owned bank in Bosnia and Herzegovina, has been operating in the country for the past 26 years.

Bülent Suer, Chairman of the Board of Directors of ZiraatBank Bosnia and Herzegovina, which opened its doors in 1997, immediately after the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina (1992-1995), and began operating as the country’s first foreign-owned bank, gave an evaluation to an AA reporter regarding the bank’s services.

Soyer said: “Ziraat Bank implemented a growth strategy and policy by opening new branches and offices with an understanding that covers every region in Bosnia and Herzegovina, prioritizing employment and job creation. This policy is undoubtedly one of the most important contributions we have made to the society of Bosnia and Herzegovina,” he said.

Soyer stated that Ziraat Bank was the first bank to introduce the “virtual card application” in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which was the first to introduce credit cards and introduce secure shopping with credit cards, and that they were among the first banks to implement ATMs and credit cards. POS channels in BiH. “With the application of credit lines provided by our main bank which was carried out in 2012-2015, a resource flow of 80 million euros was obtained,” said Sauer. He said.

Funds were provided for people who had emigrated from the country in the Bosnian War

Pointing out that the funds provided through the lines of credit encourage the return to the country of the people of Bosnia and Herzegovina who migrated during the war, Bulent Swer said, “In this context, the planned investments in agriculture and industrialization, which have a significant contribution to employment, have been supported. Using the funds subject to the credit lines, financial support in the amount of more than 170 million euros has been provided to the economy of Bosnia and Herzegovina. He said.

Noting that the start of Ziraat Bank’s operations in Bosnia and Herzegovina set an example for other countries and provided an incentive for European banks to invest in the country, Soyer said that the main goal of Ziraat Bank in its 26-year history in the country is to “serve the citizens”. living in every corner of the country.”

“Providing and implementing all the financial products and services that both corporate and individual customers need is one of our most important goals,” said Sawyer. He said.

2023 Bank goals

Stating that they will continue to support the sectors that produce and provide job opportunities in the country in 2023, Sauer, Chairman of the Board of Directors of ZiraatBank, Bosnia and Herzegovina, said: “In this context, we will develop our product range for small and medium-sized enterprises and especially in the manufacturing sector according to models Financing required by companies The sectors that will contribute to production, the growth of the country and employment by our bank will remain one of the main areas that we will support through financing. Use his statements.

Sauer stated that investments will be supported in areas that add value and have high export potential in terms of technological development and strengthening of information infrastructure, and investments in software development, hardware design and production, especially in the field of information technology (IT) will also be supported. The focal points will be, and continue as follows:

“Energy is the most important item on the agenda of the whole world. As ZiraatBank in Bosnia and Herzegovina, we will continue our interest in investments in renewable and environmentally friendly energy resources in the country, and we will continue to participate in financing investments that increase energy production capacity and reduce carbon emissions in energy. In this context The necessary financial support for investments in solar and wind energy will be provided.

Two new branches of the bank with 330 employees will be opened

Bulent Sauer stated that they believe that the green transition in energy cannot be achieved only with the increase in current capacity, and that they will provide financial support for investments to increase energy efficiency in this context, and the investments that need to be made for thermal insulation, and climate protection. Building insulation will be among the main areas of concern for the bank.

Emphasizing that they will prioritize the concept of digitization, Sauer emphasized, “We will offer active and preferred products with a competitive approach in housing loans, consumer loans and other loan elements of the individual product group for our individual customers. We will make loan applications available not only in branches but also in digital channels. In short, we will be more bank Efficient and easy to access for our individual customers. He said.

He explained that studies will be conducted to improve the volume of trade with the countries of the region and Turkey, indicating that its activities in the field of foreign trade will continue to increase.

Pointing out that the total number of employees in the country is 330, Soyer stated that two new branches will be opened in Mostar Rundu and Sirokhi Brygge on January 16 and the total number of branches will be 34.


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