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Dictator husbands who died horribly

History is full of dictators who were famous for their brutality. But none of their lives ended peacefully. Some of these dictators, who made the lives of countless people a nightmare and were directly responsible for the deaths of dozens of people, were killed by people whose lives were ruined when they lost power. Some of them were captured by their enemies and died under severe torture. Others preferred to end their lives rather than be captured by the enemy. In short, almost all of the dictators of bloody history have taken steps that have led them to a grisly end throughout their lives. Moreover, they were not alone in their horrific adventures. Some are innocent and ordinary. Some tough and angry women also walked the stage of history with these tyrants. Of course, at the end of this path they walked with their wives, for them there was nothing but disaster. Here are the women, from Elena Ceausescu to Eva Braun, who have been dragged to grisly ends with brutal dictators.

1. Elena Ceausescu

By the end of the 1980s, things were not going well for the Eastern Bloc countries. The Soviet Union will collapse in a few years, and the whole world will say hello to a new historical period. The footsteps of this radical change were heard louder as we approached the end of the 1980s…

In 1989, the rule of Nicolae Ceausescu, the dictator who had ruled Romania since 1965, ended. The former dictator, who was put on trial after his fall from power, was sentenced to death. Of course, his wife Elena Ceausescu, who was his biggest supporter during the years of his reign, was with him. The duo was executed by firing squad shortly after the court’s decision.

According to eyewitnesses, Elena Ceausescu first swore at the firing squad, then tried to escape, and then cried demonstratively. But none of this stopped Elena Ceausescu, one of the dictator’s most famous wives, from being drawn into a gruesome end with Nicolae Ceausescu.

2. Yang Qihui

Dictator's wives

The Communist leader of the People’s Republic of China, Mao Zedong, was a popular person over the years when he ruled the country under a dictatorial regime. However, he has become a hated figure by many people. It was none other than his wife Yang Kehui who loved and hated Mao the most. Yang Kehui was the second wife of Mao, the most important figure in the Communist movement in China. The couple married in the second half of the 1920s. However, just like Mao’s first marriage, many problems arose in this marriage from the very beginning. Because Mao, who was in a fierce power struggle at that time, did not care about the feelings and thoughts of the people around him.

Among the people whose feelings Mao ignored was his wife Kehoe. Moreover, Mao often cheated on his wife. Although Yang Kehui was aware of this situation, he could not distance himself from Mao because he was bound by eternal love… Yang Kehui was captured by Nationalist forces in China in 1930. Instead of betraying his beloved wife, He chose to endure terrible torture and was executed.

3. Jiang Qing

Jiang Qing is the last wife of Mao, who was the head of the Chinese Communist Party and single-handedly ruled the country for many years. But the most brutal of them all…

When the couple married in 1939, Mao was stepping into a future in which he would have absolute power. Jiang Qing was also Mao’s companion on this long, bloody, and crippling journey. So much so that King was one of the architects of the Cultural Revolution, which caused great suffering to millions of people. Therefore, just like his wife, he was mainly responsible for making countless people’s lives a nightmare. Because of this, he wasn’t expected to take his last breath to his quiet bed…

Mao died in 1976. Jiang Qing then became a prime target for Mao’s dissidents and was sentenced to death in 1980 for crimes committed during the Cultural Revolution. His defense was very interesting. Jiang Qing claimed that he was innocent and did everything Mao told him to do.

If this situationYou are Mao’s dog. I bite whoever told me to biteHe put it into words. Perhaps thanks to this convincing defence, his death sentence was suspended for two years. It was later commuted to life imprisonment. He developed cancer during his years of imprisonment. But before cancer could kill him, he committed suicide in 1991. His death was greeted with great joy in China.

4. Ekaterine “Kato” Svanidze

Dictator's wives

The leader of the Soviet Union after Lenin, Joseph Stalin, was introduced to revolutionary ideology in the early 20th century. In the same years, while working on political projects with his friends in a house belonging to the Svanidze family in Tbilisi, Georgia, he met Ekaterin “Kato Svanidze”, a resident of the family. The two fell in love with each other. However, this love meant the opening of a new chapter in Cato’s life, full of pain and grief.

Joseph and Cato married in 1906. Although Stalin was fiercely devoted to his wife, the ideological calculus of “fatherland” was more important to him. Therefore, she soon left her husband behind to do various ideological and political work.

During this time, Kato was sentenced and briefly imprisoned simply for marrying Stalin. Because of Stalin’s endless careers, he could never find the family he longed for, he raised his child alone, and had to live a life alone away from Stalin all his life. This difficult life caused Cato to fall ill and die at a very young age.

5. Mao Fumi

Dictator's wives

Chiang Kai-shek, who once ruled Taiwan with a dictatorship, is one of the dictators who brought disaster to his wife’s life… Mao Fumi and Chiang Kai-shek got married at a very young age. In other words, Moume had to spend most of her life under psychological torture…

After marriage, Mao moved into the Chiang family home. However, after witnessing the family dynamics, he left behind his expectations of a very happy marriage. Mao said of this period, “…I kept silent and seldom spoke… All I could do was weep secretly at the despair of the utter.…” he said. Mao’s psychological warfare ended with the death of Chiang Kai-shek. Mao was killed in bombing during the Sino-Japanese War in 1939.

6. Lucia Power

Dictator's wives

The Yugoslav dictator Josip Tito, like no other dictator in history, turned the lives of countless people upside down. Among these people was Lucia Bauer, one of the dictator’s wives …

The couple’s marriage lasted only two years. Because Lucia Bauer, the wife of Tito, the absolute ruler of Yugoslavia, was arrested. Moreover, he was sentenced to death after a show trial. Shortly after Lucia Power’s execution, Tito explains his guilt for not noticing his wife’s treacherous actions.

Dictator's wives

Adolf Hitler is one of the most famous and probably the most famous dictators in history. Of course, one of the most famous wives of dictatorships is Eva Braun. The two met in 1929, when Brown was just 17 years old. They got married on April 29, 1945. Just a day later, on April 30, they committed suicide …

Yes, Eva Braun, symbol of unconditional devotion to Hitler, companion of one of the most ruthless dictators in history, ended her life at the age of 33, by committing suicide in a Berlin asylum with the dictator she had admired all her life.

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