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The five most influential women in ancient Egyptian civilization

Being a woman has not been easy in almost every period and place in history. But there were also some exceptional periods and geography. In ancient Egypt, for example, women were held in greater esteem than they are in some modern societies today. Some of the powerful and beloved deities in ancient Egyptian beliefs were female. In addition, the Egyptians did not doubt the abilities of the female rulers, they had an undying confidence in their wisdom. Here are the 5 most influential pharaohs in the ancient Egyptian civilization.

1. Merneth

It is not known whether Merneith, who lived between 3200 and 2900 BC, sat on the throne of ancient Egypt. But there is no doubt that Merneth was one of the most powerful women in ancient Egypt and ruled absolutely, ruler or not.

Historical documents indicate that Merneth was the wife and regent of Pharaoh Set during the First Dynasty. However, the signs that reveal Merneith to be a very strong woman are not limited to these. The tomb of Merneth is almost identical to the tombs built for the Egyptian pharaohs. Moreover, the inside of his tomb is filled with precious treasures, just like in other tombs of the pharaoh. This is why Merneith is believed to be the first female ruler of ancient Egypt, and one of the most powerful figures of her time, if not a pharaoh.

2. Sobekneferu

Ancient Egypt

According to official records, the title of “the first female ruler of ancient Egypt” belonged to Sobekneferu. It is known that after the death of his brother Amenemhat, he sat on the throne of ancient Egypt as the last ruler of the Twelfth Dynasty.

On the other hand, the historical records of ancient Egypt indicate that Sobekneferu, who ruled between 1806 and 1802 BC, had important temples built in different parts of Egypt. However, although it is written in historical records that he had a pharaoh’s tomb built for himself, the tomb has not been found.

Hatshepsut, her second half-brother. She became queen of Egypt when she was only 12 years old after marrying Thutmose. secondly. After the death of Thutmose, his third son. She rose to the position of regent of Thutmose and finally succeeded in centralizing all power, becoming the second pharaoh of ancient Egypt.

Being one of the most successful rulers in the history of ancient Egypt, Hatshepsut was able to transform Egypt into an important trading center during his reign.

4. Nefertiti

Ancient Egypt

Nefertiti, who lived between 1370 and 1330 BC, was one of the most influential rulers of ancient Egypt. Nefertiti, who ruled Egypt from 1353 to 1336 BC with her husband Akhenaten, succeeded in eliminating the polytheistic belief system in ancient Egypt and making the monotheistic faith prevalent during her reign.

After the death of Akhenaten, Nefertiti, the sole female ruler of the throne of ancient Egypt, achieved unprecedented prosperity in Egypt, proving hundreds of years ago that women can become very successful rulers as well.

5. VII. Cleopatra

Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt was ruled by many women rulers who were famous for their achievements in various fields. Some of these influential rulers succeeded in making Egypt a land of abundance and fertility, while others created unique monuments. However, none of them, the seventh. She was not as talented as Cleopatra …

VII. Cleopatra spent the early years of her life as regent. However, during the years of his reign, he lived in the shadow of his brothers. Finally, his thirteenth brother. Ptolemy completely overthrew him from power and he had to leave his country in order to survive. However, VII. Cleopatra did not play her last trump card …

Determined to sit on the throne of ancient Egypt, which was forcibly removed from him, VII. Not only did Cleopatra gather a mercenary army, but she also managed to enlist the support of Julius Caesar on her way to the reign of ancient Egypt. In this way the seventh who defeated the other heirs to the throne. Cleopatra became the absolute ruler of Egypt.

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