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The killer who hid the woman he killed in the freezer for 9 months: Bernie Ted

So far, some very interesting, unusual or brutal murders have been committed in different parts of the world. Some of these murders had very strange motives. Others were committed out of pure malice. However, regardless of the reason or the method, most of the murders fueled anger and even hatred towards the perpetrator of this inhumane act. However, the murder committed in the United States in 1996 did not change the attitude of the peoples of the region towards the killer. In fact, the killer named Bernie Ted won the hearts of some residents when he killed 81-year-old Marjorie Nugent. Let’s look at the details of this interesting murder case together.

Bernhard Ted, or Bernie Ted, as he was known in the area where he lived, was born on August 2, 1958 in Abilene, Texas, United States.

He was only 3 years old when his mother died. When you were 15 years old, your father passed away. Tiede started working at a funeral home after completing her high school education.

In 1985, at the age of 27, he left his hometown and moved back to Carthage, Texas.

The area was a small settlement with a population of only 6,500. Bernie Ted, who began working as the assistant manager of the Hawthorn Funeral Home here, quickly became a darling of the locals. A very cheerful person in his private life, Ted was known for his efforts to alleviate the pain of area residents who had lost loved ones.

He did not hesitate to go to great lengths to give them a little rest, visiting them days or even months after their funerals to check on their condition. With such benevolence and self-sacrifice, Tiede quickly became one of the most beloved members of the small community of Carthage.

Bernie Ted met an elderly woman named Marjorie Nugent at a funeral in 1990

Nugent lost his wife, formerly an oil businessman, who made a large fortune. Tiede also decided to help this old woman who had recently lost her husband.

A few days after the ceremony, he knocked on her door to check if the woman was okay. Ted later said of this visit:It seems he has no friends. I felt obligated to befriend him.It would make a statement. After this visit, a relationship began between the two, which would become very interesting in the future. However, philanthropist Bernie Ted was unaware of what would happen to him because of this relationship…

The relationship between Ted and Nugent was met with great surprise among the people of Carthage

Because according to the locals, the best person in town was the worst person in town!

Nugent was a mean, mean-spirited person who used his family’s wealth as a tool of domination and was not liked by almost any of the townspeople. So much so that he did not even meet his children and grandchildren in order not to share his wealth.

Tiede made the correct diagnosis when he first visited the old woman: This lonely woman has no friends. But it was still surprising that even a good and good person like Tiede would befriend someone as bad as Nugent…

The sudden rapprochement between Ted and Nugent sparked all kinds of rumors in the city of Carthage.

Bernie tied

According to some, the two fell in love with each other. However, Ted later explains that he saw the old woman as a mother. According to some, Tiede wanted to take advantage of the old woman’s fortune, so she put up with such a bad guy. Despite all these rumors, the duo continued their relationship, which was not well understood from the outside.

In 1993, Marjorie Nugent left the management of her entire fortune to a man named Bernie Ted.

Bernie tied

Tiede has been paying the old lady’s bills, checking her accounts, and keeping track of her financial transactions. In short, the once likable funeral director became Nugent’s full-time employee… Nugent, who had taken complete control of his relationship with Tiede, wanted to take care of himself 24 hours a day, keeping the young man under pressure.

On the other hand, Tiede could not find the strength and courage to end this problematic relationship… Tiede will issue the following statement on this issue in the coming years:He was so controlling that he felt he could have me and I think he did to a degree.

Tiede, whose life had turned into a nightmare due to the old woman’s pressure, did something she should have done to get rid of him…

Bernie Ted shot and killed the old woman three times on November 19, 1996! Wrap the woman’s body in a sheet and put the body in the freezer! Then he continued to live as in his happy old days. And for some reason, he was even more generous than before! Donate about two million dollars to the city of Carthage and its people…

The old woman’s absence did not bother any of the townspeople, but her absence began to attract attention.

Bernie tied

Ted told those who asked about the old woman that she sometimes rested at home, and sometimes she was out of town. When the woman’s absence drew attention, he fabricated the lie that the old woman had suffered a stroke while visiting a relative out of town, and thus began a long-term treatment process. However, the old lady’s children decided to visit their mother on August 18, 1997, exactly 9 months after the murder. Of course, the police were escorting them …

At the end of the search, the police found the lifeless body of an old woman in the deep freezer.

Bernie Ted confessed to killing the 81-year-old woman. Soon, the news of the murder spread in a city with a population of no more than a few thousand. Had the murderer and victim in the murder case been two other people, the townspeople would have reacted very differently.

However, Bernie Ted, who killed an 81-year-old woman and kept her body in a freezer for 9 months, didn’t get the reaction of anyone living in the area. There were even those who valued him for the murder he had committed. So much so, that the murder case was moved to another area due to the intense support of the townspeople for the murderer.

Bernie Ted was sentenced to life in prison a week after his arrest

Bernie tied

But in 2014, defense attorneys revealed some evidence that could affect the outcome of the case. Accordingly, Teddy was sexually abused by a family member during her childhood. He committed the murder due to a psychological disorder caused by this situation. Thus, it was decided to re-try the murderer. Tiede was released during this time. However, in the latest trial on April 22, 2016, he was sentenced to 99 years in prison for the first degree murder.

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