Turkey’s most mysterious serial murder case: the leg amputation murders

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Turkey’s most mysterious serial murder case: the leg amputation murders

History is full of ruthless serial killers who have killed many people in horrific ways. In addition to these serial killers, who have gone down in the history of mankind with their cruelty, there are also many cases of serial killings, the mystery of which has never been clarified. Moreover, some horrific serial murders whose secret cannot be clarified unfortunately happened in our country Istanbul! The severed legs that appeared in different parts of Istanbul in the year 2000 made many people think that we were dealing with one of the most feared people in Turkey, a ruthless serial killer. The murders committed by this horrible villain were called the “Leg Cut Murder”…

Unfortunately, although 22 years have passed, not the slightest clue to the killer’s identity has been found, nor the mystery of the murders, which were committed in such a gruesome manner. Here’s what you need to know about the unsolved, unsolved leg-cutting crimes committed by Turkey’s first true serial killer, according to some…

The finding of a severed leg in Istanbul Eminonu on the morning of January 8, 2000 became the most important agenda item in Turkey.

A severed leg found in a dumpster near the historic Spice Bazaar has hit the country’s agenda like a bomb. Examinations revealed that the severed leg belonged to a young woman between the ages of 26 and 30. However, it was determined that the leg had been amputated at most three days earlier. On the other hand, there were other notable issues in this incident, which left the entire Turkey in panic and confusion.

In this case, considered the first of the leg murders, comments were made that the leg may have been amputated by a professional!

Because the leg was precisely cut from the hip and again completely separated from the body! So the killer or killers were most likely people familiar with anatomy…

The amputated second leg, also found in the Eminonu district of Istanbul on May 19, 2000, confirmed that Turkey was facing a serial killer!

Kill the amputated leg

The biggest evidence of this horrific killing this time, a severed leg, was accidentally discovered on Eminonu Beach. This leg belonged to a woman between the ages of 25 and 30. Just like the first leg found on Jan. 8, it was understood to belong to a good guy. However, it was determined that the leg on the coast of Eminönü had been kept in salt water before and the blood drained into the leg. For this reason, this was not known when the man was amputated.

The crimes of the severed leg were definitely committed by a serial killer!

After 2 amputated legs were found in Eminönü, 8 more amputated legs were found in the following period! The severed legs appeared on different dates in different regions of Istanbul. However, the cases were much the same. First of all, the way the legs were cut was almost the same.

In addition, the files of the murdered persons were located very close to each other. Almost all the victims were chosen from among young women, who turned out to be prepared people. It was determined that only one of the eight legs was severed. The killer or the remaining victims of the killers were women.

Very often, the killer or killers who kill well-groomed young women leave severed legs in easily recognizable places!

Kill the amputated leg

So there was no fear of being caught by the person or persons responsible for these horrific killings! On the contrary, they wanted their actions to be noticed. For this reason, the severed legs were sometimes found in a dumpster, sometimes at a bus stop, sometimes in a schoolyard … Also, the perpetrator or perpetrators did not stop to completely cut off the legs of the people they killed, that is, to sign their autographs.

The last of the amputated legs appeared in July 2001

Kill the amputated leg

The severed legs were found in Eminönü, Maltepe, Beyoğlu, Unkapanı and Eyüp districts of Istanbul. That is why the security forces focused their efforts in these areas to find the thug or the killers.

All the technical and technological capabilities that were available to the security forces at that time were mobilized. In fact, a special unit within the police was created solely to investigate leg murders. But all these efforts were in vain!

After 2001, no amputated leg was found in any district of Istanbul!

Kill the amputated leg

According to some experts, the widespread media coverage of the leg amputations caused the killer to become apprehensive and stop committing the murder. However, the number of those who thought that the killer had somehow continued killing, but had stopped leaving a trace behind, was also quite high…

Two years after the severed leg crimes ended, American psychologist and crime analyst Richard Walter profiled the serial killer!

Kill the amputated leg

According to the profile created by the American expert, the killer was a 25-year-old with a prison history who came to Istanbul on business. He also wanted to find the legs of the people he had killed, but he didn’t want to find the rest of their bodies. The reason for this may be that the murderer was ashamed of his actions over the dead bodies.

On the other hand, the killer may have been visiting the places where he destroyed the bodies “because he felt the power.” There were other traces in the profile created by Richard Walter. But these conclusions did not contribute to the arrest of the killer.

The severed leg murders, however, were never clarified

Only one leg found during the murders has been identified by amputation. It was one of the legs of a young female college student who was 21 when she was killed.

However, neither the remaining victims in this horrific serial killing case nor the identity of the serial killer who caused great confusion and panic throughout Turkey, has been found. Leg amputation remains one of the most interesting, egregious and mysterious serial murder cases in Turkey despite the past 22 years…

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