What happened in the May 14, 1950 elections that Erdogan is referring to?

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What happened in the May 14, 1950 elections that Erdogan is referring to?

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan recently gave a great speech in which he stated that the 2023 elections will be held on May 14th. Thus, the question “when will the elections be held”, to which millions of citizens have been waiting for an answer for so long, was answered by the most authoritative person. However, there were other points that drew attention in Erdogan’s speech. Erdogan explains the 2023 election date by referring to the 1950 elections. The Democratic Party (DP) was opposed to the Republican People’s Party, which has been in power for 27 years. Voter votes wanted with slogan. Ok but why? Why was Erdogan referring to the 1950 elections in his speech when he announced the date of the 2023 elections? Why was he taking millions of voters on a journey of nostalgia for political life in Turkey, and why did he start the elections years ago with a slogan used by the opposition, even though he had been in power for a long time? Let’s take a short excursion into the political history of Turkey, let’s see what happened on May 14, 1950 …

Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the leader of the Justice and Development Party, which has been in power for 20 years, declared that the 2023 election date is “Enough, the word belongs to the nation!” Explained with the logo

Erdogan said in his speech:On May 14, 1950, the late Menderes entered the hearts of the nation by saying “Enough is the word of the nation” and exited the polls with a landslide victory….” He said.

In other words, May 14, which was set as the date of the 2023 elections, was no ordinary date. But with the position of Erdogan and the Justice and Development Party on the political scene, the date of May 14, 1950 is enough, the word belongs to the nation! There was a serious contradiction between the logo. In other words, Erdoğan was saying that the voters would say “enough” to the parties that have been “opposition” for years and would bring the current AKP back to power! So what happened on May 14, 1950?

The 1940s witnessed important changes in the social and political life of Turkey.

The CHP, which had been in power for a long time at that time, was the most dominant center of power in the social and public spheres. That is why he was accused of building an “authoritarian” regime. However, II. The devastating effects of World War II were felt in Turkey as well as in the rest of the world, as Turkey was going through a very difficult period economically, socially and culturally. In such a period, as always, society’s greatest desire was to “Change!”

The desire for change in society was embodied in the political arena under the name of the “Democratic Party”.

The party was founded on January 7, 1946, unsurprisingly, and was met with great enthusiasm across the country. Aware of the emergence of the Democratic Party, the CHP, to a certain extent, did not want to allow the newly formed party to gain more power, so in 1946 it decided to hold “dominant elections”. Of course, it was the CHP that emerged victorious from the polls. However, the demand for change in society continued to exist increasingly… By May 14, 1950, a rare political development took place not only in Turkey but also in the whole world.

The May 14, 1950 elections were an important turning point in the political life of Turkey.

And the Democratic Party, which is the most important symbol of demanding change in society on the political scene, succeeded in ending the Republican People’s Party, which lasted 27 years, in the elections of May 14, 1950, in which it participated with limited capabilities. In the May 14 elections, which are also considered Turkey’s first democratic elections, the nation spoke its word and brought a political party, founded just four years ago, to power with an overwhelming edge.

The campaign period leading up to the May 14, 1950 election was not an easy period for the Democratic Party.

The DP government that won the elections of May 14, 1950

Fortunately, the government only existed under the political conditions that had prevailed for years, and it used the state apparatus at its disposal in electoral campaigns and tried to narrow the opposition’s political space as much as possible. Because of this, the Democratic Party had no choice but to do as much effective advertising as possible despite the limited opportunities during the campaign period. In the end, the Democratic Party was able to find the most useful propaganda ideas it needed. A very simple poster, a very effective slogan…

“Enough, the word to the nation!” The slogan was one of the most important elements that brought the Democratic Party to power.

May 14th

On the other hand, the hand indicates with a stop signal: “Enough, the word to the nation!” The printed poster has become one of the most important symbols in the country’s political history, which contains very important evidence of the political life in Turkey for years.

The history of the origin of the logo is very interesting. Selcuk Millar, who was invited to one of the Democratic Party’s propaganda committees by a neighbor, says that a hand making a stop sign and the inscription “Enough of the word nation” will be enough, and he designed the poster that will become one of Turkey’s most memorable symbols in the political arena between overnight. This iconic design is known as the “Poster that brought DP to power”… Well, can the slogan that brought the Democratic Party, the voice of opposition, to power in the face of an oppressive regime, economic crisis and poverty in 1950, win the AKP that is the voice of Force in 2023?

According to some political scientists, Erdogan will come out on May 14th, and that’s enough, the word belongs to the nation! With its motto you want to say “We are the continuation of DP”.

May 14th

Because May 14th and the slogan associated with it have great symbolic significance, especially for a particular voting public. Speaking to BBC Turkish, a professor from Bogazici University. Doctor. Claiming that May 14th is an almost sacred date for Democrats, Faruk Bertik claims that AKP members belong to this wing, and states that they intend to take advantage of the symbolic power of May 14th.

However, according to Bertek, there is a huge discrepancy, such as “AKP members are not democrats”. But Bertik says that “Erdogan’s repetition of the slogan may cause problems during the election period,” and that the statement may have been made without his knowledge.

Professor from the Department of Political Science and International Relations at Bahcesehir University. Doctor. As Yilmaz Esmar said on May 14 to Erdogan and enough is enough, the word belongs to the nation! Of those who have trouble getting out

May 14th

brunette opinion on this, “It seems to me that there is a problem with being told ‘Enough is the word of the nation’. After 27 years, the slogan ‘Enough is enough’ against the CHP becomes very meaningful in the period between 1949 and 1950. But especially if it says a party that is still in power For more than 20 years, “Who says enough is enough for what?” could be said. But I suspect they would drop that motto immediately.He crosses.

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