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What happened to Hitler’s family after the war?

secondly. World War II was one of the most devastating events in human history. Millions of people around the world have lost their lives due to war. One of the most terrible figures in this bloody war was Adolf Hitler. With its inhuman ideology, this monster, which caused thousands of people to suffer unbearably and countless others to lose their lives, ended its life by committing suicide when it was understood that Germany had lost the war. OK, but II. Let’s take a look at what happened to the Hitler family after World War II.

secondly. Adolf Hitler, one of the darkest and most terrifying figures of World War II, committed suicide in a Berlin bunker after realizing Nazi Germany’s defeat.

Adolf Hitler had no children. His sister Paula, who was alive during his lifetime, was childless. Because of this, many people for a long time believed that the Hitler family was destroyed forever with the death of Adolf and Paula. But the reality was not like that at all.

Adolf Hitler’s father, Alois Hitler, was married to a woman named Franny before he married Adolf’s mother, Clara. From this marriage Alois Jr. They have two children named Angela. So Adolf Hitler had not one, but three brothers …

Alois Jr. changed her name after the war, and had two children, William and Heinrich, while Hitler’s older sister Angela had three children whom she named Leo, Geli and Elfriede.

Alois Hitler Jr

In the years that followed, the Hitler family continued to expand. Although Adolf’s dark legacy on the family made itself felt, the members of the Hitler family continued to live under new and, of course, different names. Hitler’s nephew, Leo, had a child whom he named Peter. Elfriede named her baby Heiner.

Relatives of Adolf Hitler, who were with him in the years when he and Germany led the world to disaster, were forced to leave Germany after the war.

Adolf Hitler

For example, Hitler’s nephew named William (whom Hitler called “my disgusting nephew”) did his best to take advantage of Hitler’s power and influence throughout the war years, making it clear that he was Hitler’s nephew wherever he went.

However, things changed with the end of the war. Realizing that Hitler had fallen into disaster, William sighed in the United States. He changed his name too. He avoided even the slightest gesture that might indicate his kinship with Hitler …

William, nephew of Adolf Hitler, lived in the United States like a real American

Adolf Hitler

At least he managed to convince his neighbors that he was a real American. Married in the United States. He took the nickname “Stuart Houston” and worked various jobs. In the following years, I had four children, one of whom died in a traffic accident. Adolf Hitler took almost no place in his children’s memories. But the three nephews of Hitler’s obnoxious nephew William, brothers Alexander, Louis and Brian Stewart-Houston, have learned some very juicy family secrets…

The last surviving relatives of Adolf Hitler made a pact to end the Hitler family!

Adolf Hitler

They will never have children. The Brotherhood succeeded in sticking to this agreement. There are two other members of the Hitler family and cousins ​​of the Stewart-Houston brothers who live in Austria. But they are also involved in the brothers’ plan to end the Hitler family.

The youngest surviving relative of Adolf Hitler is 48 years old. The oldest of them is 86 years old. So, most likely, in the next fifty years there will be no members of the Hitler family and the Hitler family will be erased from the world forever …

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