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What is Union and Progress and why was it established?

The Committee of Union and Progress, which initiated the proclamation of the second constitutional monarchy in the Ottoman Empire, and was active in the period between 1908-1918, is a political party founded on May 21, 1889. This community continued its existence in a parliamentary structure governed by the Triumvir regime and the second sultan. It aimed to end Abdul Hamid’s rule. We told you everything you need to know about the Union and Progress Committee.

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What is union and progression?

The Committee of Union and Progress was founded by young patriots who wanted to re-enact the law of Al-Isa to get rid of the depression in the Ottoman Empire at the end of the nineteenth century, as a secret organization called Al-Ittihad-I Osmanî Cemiyeti in the Military Medical College on May 21, 1889. It was established. This society initiated the proclamation of the second constitutional monarchy. However, after the defeat of the Ottoman Empire in World War I, the community became history in 1918.

Why was the Union and Promotion Committee established?

Union and Progress Committee

The ideas of justice, equality and freedom that wanted to instill in all of humanity with the French Revolution influenced the Ottoman Empire. Thinkers, who saw that the state was about to disappear, wanted these ideas to be adopted by the people and organized just like in Europe. The youth, who saw that the civilized world is advancing towards prosperity and freedom through development in every field, established the society called “Ottoman Union” to provide constitutionalism and be its protector. This community, which will be called Union and Progress in the future, aims to show the public the right way. However, it was not successful when it was first created.

The countries that left the Ottoman Empire were modernizing in every field, especially their armies, with the support of foreign countries. In the face of this development, the Turkish nation was oppressed and was retreating further. The Turkish nation, oppressed by financial and economic chains such as the Concessions and Duyun-ı Umumiye, could not develop and keep up with the pace of Europe. In the face of this threat of extinction, the patriots’ sense of freedom emerged as a powerful ideal. However, it tied people together, which put them in danger of extinction.

The primary purpose of the Committee of Union and Progress is to prove that the real owners of the country are the nation.

What are the goals of the community?

Some articles explaining the purpose of the Committee of Union and Progress were first published in 1895. Shri Amit explained the program of the organization, which began to be published in Egypt in 1902, as follows:

  • To protect the territorial integrity and political independence of the Ottoman Empire from foreign interference.
  • To guarantee the constitutional monarchy, overthrow tyranny, and apply the provisions of the legal principles of 1876.
  • To ensure that all the Ottomans together because happiness and salvation in the Ottoman Empire.
  • To inform people in government of the progress and needs of the period and to invite them to take action.
  • To spread the idea of ​​reform among the sects of the Ottoman Empire.
  • To prove to foreign countries that the Ottoman Empire possessed the skills of developed countries.
  • Developing and strengthening the caliphate and the Ottoman dynasty for the benefit of the state.

Founders Union and Progress


The association was founded in secret and has evolved over time. Here are the first community founders:

  • Muhammad Rust Caucasian
  • Abdullah Jawdat from Arabkir
  • Ibrahim Ethem Timo from Ohrid
  • Hosseinzadeh Ali
  • Isaac Scotty from Diyarbakir

Among the first to join the association were people such as Suleiman Amin, Assaf Darwish, Nasi Pasha, and Ismail Safa Bey. It was the Second World War that brought together the young students who founded or became members of the Society. The discontent he felt was against Abdel Hamid’s administration and the depression the country was going through. These young people believed that Abdel Hamid’s administration must be overthrown and constitutionalism must be established for the sake of salvation. That is why they got together and organized a propaganda work on this issue.

Who are the members of the Union and Promotion Committee?

  • Yunus Club Abalyoglu
  • Abdullah Jawdat
  • Abdulkadir Bey (Governor of Ankara)
  • Abdul Qadir Kamali Öğütçü
  • Abdul Karim Pasha
  • Adnan Edvar
  • Ahmet Agaoglu (politician)
  • Answers Babikian
  • Ahmed Reda
  • Ahmed Lotfallah
  • Ahmed Nasimi, treasurer
  • Ahmed Sugar Binder
  • Ahmet Sukru Oguz
  • Ali Fuad Sibisoy
  • Ali Munif Yagnaga
  • Artin Bosegzinian
  • Asim Mordaroglu
  • Mustafa Kemal Atatürk
  • Atef Camsell
  • Aziz Ali (Egyptian)
  • Fathi Okyar
  • Raouf Orbay
  • Kazem Ozalp
  • Bahaa Tawfiq
  • Celal Bayar
  • Bekir Sami Kondouh
  • Refet Bele
  • Mithat Socro Bleda
  • Cami Baycourt
  • Mr. Cavid
  • Jamal Azmy
  • Ali Cetinkaya
  • Givat Abbas Gurr
  • Vivzi Kakmak
  • Rashid Al-Sharkasi
  • Kurukulu Mahmud Pasha
  • Anwar Pasha
  • Muhammad Akif Ersoy
  • Esref Sencer Kuscubasi
  • Eyup Sabri Akgul
  • Kara Kamal
  • Mustafa Wasif security center
  • Emmanuel Carasso
  • November
  • Sukru Kaya
  • Kazem Karabekir
  • Kiliczade is right
  • Norrie Killigel
  • Ibrahim Colak (soldier)
  • Ibrahim Kazem
  • Ibrahim Timo
  • Ismet Inonu
  • Isaac Skoty
  • Ismail Kanbulat
  • Ismail Hakki Kilicoglu
  • Jamal Pasha
  • Mumtaz Haji Adel Arda from Izmit
  • Haji Bekir Sumer
  • Haji Muhammad Nuri Effendi
  • Hafez Hakki Pasha
  • Hafez Ibrahim Effendi
  • Hafiz Muhammad
  • Khalil Ibrahim Nakipoglu
  • Khalil Al-Kout
  • Hilal Al-Mufari
  • Hamdi Aksoy
  • Protect Hasnu Kayakan
  • I protected Kabanji
  • Hassan Fahmy Tomerkan
  • Good improvement motif
  • Hashem Sanfar
  • Hikmat Amin
  • Hussein Awni Aktologa
  • Hussein Awni Zimler
  • Hussein Jahid Yalgin

Union and Progress Committee and Atatürk


Many people believe that Mustafa Kemal Atatürk was one of the founders of this society. However, Atatürk joined the association after the founding members. However, since joining the Society for the first time, he has criticized and rejected the society’s domestic and foreign policy. When members of the community did not heed Atatürk’s warnings, Atatürk formed an opposition wing with Ali Fathi (Okyar). He also fought the efforts of members of the Union and Progress to obtain leadership of the national struggle after they traveled abroad.

Moffit Özdaş and Mustafa Kemal joined the Revolution Committee called “Vatan” in 1905. At first, Lutfi Bey directed the administration of the society, Mustafa Kemal Pasha in education and organization, and Dr. Mustafa took charge. The secret organization was transformed into a “home in the freedom of Jemiti” and branches were opened in a short time.

His friends, who swore to him and opened a branch of Thessaloniki, later joined the Committee of Union and Progress. Later, on October 29, 1907, at the invitation of Ali Fatehi, Atatürk joined the Union and Progress Committee with membership number 322.


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