Who are the Germans and what race?

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Who are the Germans and what race?

Teutons is the name given to the people who lived from the third century BC to the ninth century BC in Germany, Austria, Germany and Bohemia with their current names. Germanic history is large and extensive. Histories that began before Christ reach the present day. In this case, it is very difficult not to wonder about the history of the Germans, where they come from and what their race is. We’ve rounded up everything you need to know about the Germanic peoples in this list! Let’s get into the details.

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Where did the Germans come from?

The tribes living in the Late Bronze Age between the Ems and Oder rivers in northern Germany, the Harz mountains in southern Sweden, and the Danish peninsula are Germanic. The Goths, Gepids, and Vandals migrated first from southern Sweden and later controlled the southern Baltic coast between the Oder and Vistula rivers. As time progressed, they migrated west and south again and expelled the Celts from much of western Germania.

According to historians, Germanic tribes came from Scandinavia and migrated to the European continent by 1000 BC. Later, the Germanic peoples gradually divided into two main branches. Over the centuries these two branches were divided into smaller sizes. Eventually they got the names we know today.

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East and West Germanic tribes


The Germanic peoples were divided into East and West. The Oder and Elbe tribes, who were West Germanic, migrated westward, following the rivers, expelling the Celts from West Germania. On the other hand, the East Germans were much more aggressive and belligerent than those in the West. Those in the West adopted a settled life, cooperation with the Romans, and agriculture. In other words, those in the West were not the “barbarians” as politicians constantly say.

The Romans gave Latin names to these tribes who lived in what is now West Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium. Some of these names are still valid today, and they live in an area known as the Dutch countries or the hole countries. But many Germanic peoples united and formed large and disciplined tribes such as the Saxons, Angles, Franks and Germans.

East Germans were more war- and emigration-oriented than those in the West. These tribes who lived east of the Elbe were known as Gepids, Goths, and Vandals.

What race are the Germans?


Today, especially the Austrians, Germans and Dutch. The Norse peoples (Icelanders, Danes, Faroese, Norwegians, Swedes), the English, the German-speaking Swiss, the Afrikaners of the Republic of South Africa, and the Flemish are Germanic peoples.

Countries founded by the Germans

German flag

There are many nations founded by the Germans, and they have a very long history. You can study these states along with their founding years below.

  • Germany (1990)
  • Luxembourg (1890)
  • Austria (1945)
  • Holland (1815)
  • Sweden (1905)
  • Denmark (1821)
  • United Kingdom (1603)
  • Iceland (1944)
  • Norway (1940)
  • Liechtenstein (1866)
  • Switzerland (1848)

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